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  1. What about these? http://search.deviantart.com/?qh=in%3A...time&q=medieval Gabriel
  2. I really can't help you, but i would advise you to search for help in the miranda forum and to explain exactly which error messages you are getting.
  3. Lots of realistic icons (and NSFW stuff): http://amirajuli.deviantart.com/gallery/ Edited: And some more: http://hellcrawler.deviantart.com/gallery/?&offset=24 http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/395865...ock+sort%3Atime http://mugenb16.deviantart.com/gallery/ Gabriel
  4. I've already found some at DA, but I'm not really crazy about them. So if you have any... Thanks!
  5. http://search.deviantart.com/?qh=in%3Acust...3Atime&q=office http://search.deviantart.com/?qh=in%3Acust...t%3Atime&q=mail http://search.deviantart.com/?qh=in%3Acust...%3Atime&q=stamp http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/380096...ock+sort%3Atime
  6. the photoshop one: and a similar one, but I guess someone will get the exact icon:
  7. Ah, but i have no timer. I have: <xmls> <xml src="%SiteAddress%" interval="%RefreshDelay%" usewintmp="yes" ongetdata="UpdateMails();"/> </xmls> .... <param name="RefreshDelay" default="2" save="yes" onupdate=""/> ..... var RefreshParam = this.parameters('RefreshDelay'); var RefreshVal = this.controls('RefreshDelay'); RefreshParam.Value = parseInt(RefreshVal.Value); Do I have to use a timer to change the interval attribute?
  8. Sorry, but i don't understand how to call the ResetTimer. Could you give an example? (I did look in the SDK, but i didn't get it from those examples)
  9. Ok, i get it now. But what about refresh intervals? Is this OK? <xmls> <xml src="%SiteAddress%" interval="%RefreshDelay%" usewintmp="yes" ongetdata="UpdateMails();"/> </xmls> .... var RefreshParam = this.parameters('RefreshDelay'); var RefreshVal = this.controls('RefreshDelay'); RefreshParam.Value = parseInt(RefreshVal.Value);
  10. Check this: http://avedesk.philc.ca/modules/PDdownload...hp?cid=8&lid=42 Gabriel
  11. I understand. Thanks you very much!! But one question: why does this work? function ApplySettings(){ var StampParam = this.parameters('StampImage'); var StampImage = this.controls('StampImage'); StampParam.Value = StampImage.Value; this.FlipTo(0); this.ReDraw(true); } ... <layer name="FrontBG" x="59" y="41" width="128" height="128" src="%StampImage%.png" fontalign="LT" mousecursor="crSizeAll"/>
  12. I'm using sth like: function ApplyAdvSettings(){ this.parameters('FlipX').Value = parseInt(this.controls('FlipX').Value); this.FlipTo(0); this.ReDraw(true); } and i have <layer name="FrontFlip" x="%FlipX%" y="%FlipY%" width="13" height="13" src="flipit.png" onclick="!FLIP:1" mousecursor="crDefault" alpha="0" fontalign="LT" fullhittest="yes"/> } But it does not seem to work... I tried without the parseInt , but does not work either...
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