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  1. @Xyb` Awesome desk man. That's some graphite goodness! *CLICK* @ deviantART!
  2. IMAGE LINK Hey guys. I did some researching on how to remove the "throbber" in explorer and I finally found out how to remove it. Now I scrolled down to the bottom of the page and I found these sweet looking icons. Anyone want to help me? PS: Click the link above of my post to see the image.
  3. Hey guys. I've been trying to enable my Run Command (Windows Key + R) with autocomplete. Somehow I cannot find any ways on how to enable it again. Keep in mind I don't mean the run command history of what I have typed. Ex: I type in C:, and theres a dropdown list on what folders i can access from there. Thanks in advance, and help is much appreciated!
  4. It's been a while since I posted a screenshot. *Click* More info @ dA!
  5. My final screenshot ever. Why? Read @ dA.
  6. Aha! Seems like I found out how to fix it. Thanks for the help Desides and shockme!
  7. Thanks for the suggestion, but it's not that. I have Styler installed, it's just that I can't click on Styler Toolbar in the window for some reason. Did you check the link I gave out?
  8. Well after getting the mandatory installation of the latest Internet Explorer 7 (I had RC1 before), I opened IE7. It turns out my address bar isn't there anymore :confused:. I have a legit Windows XP Pro by the way. So after 15 minutes or so of browsing the net on IE trying to find out on google about this incident, I failed looking for an answer and just exited. Now I opened the My Documents window, and somehow my toolbars were all gone, so I put everything back....except Styler Toolbar. Somehow I cannot enable it. I tried uninstalling and re-installing Styler Toolbar about 3 times now, and
  9. Hmm. Well try the program FindeXer. It amazing, and it handles really well at this sort of thing. http://www.aqua-soft.org/board/showthread.php?t=36689
  10. Finally going back to Mac themes again. Details @ deviantART.
  11. Hmm. How come I cannot find the WMP or Vista skins for iTunes 7? Localhost, you said that it would be included in the pack, but how come it's not showing in mine?
  12. Holy moly! I never knew it would turn out to a big fight! I want a Mac as well. But it's kind of true. Macs are fun? Yeah probably because it hardly crashes, but for games? I can only find Doom 3 as the best game out there.
  13. Well I hope you guys can handle it. http://www.cdinfur.net/macvspc2.html
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