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  1. screensavers are usually *.scr files located in your Windows\System32 directory. If you know which screensaver to start, you can simply create a shortcut to that SCR file. at least I guess so...
  2. I downloaded and applied all the styles you and I were talking about. I compared the screenshot with what I got on my desk. guys, this is harly a modded WinOSXP, it is rather a modded AquaLuna! several elements of the AquaLuna start menu are similar to the screenshot. the systemtray is similar and the taskbar too. the glyphs are identical as well as the scrollbars are. the only things which differ are a) the colour, the start button and c) the taskbar buttons. I imagine the following scenario: AquaLuna recoloured and some WinOSXP elements added. anyone agrees? Edit > arrr... is
  3. This is surely NO ROYALE! Arr... looks like a modded Aqua Luna or Luna Aqua or whatever by Timan, the admin of this holy board :naughty: Edit > AquaLuna is it's name. PM me your addy and I'll send you some naughty stuff
  4. I do exactly the same, I change my VS according to my mood. But I finally ended up with switching between two styles, the nice selection of HmmXP Blue [link] or Method II [link]. You may wanna try it with these two. /me out Edit > Oh, by the way, at first you start enforcing the TAGs and then you start nitpicking with "no [poll] tag exists", arrr... unbelievable >.< Edit II > If you kinda like Luna, you maybe like Royale, at least the mod of it [link]
  5. lol... I accidentally discovered that Flurry doesn't work (=1fps) with WinPLOSION (WinEXPOSÉ) running. is that the problem? maybe any similar app (iEX, ...) does the same.
  6. yah, sure. guys, this is a Windows XP SP1 with a cool theme applied. the systray clock is RCubes LClock (->neowin.net forums) with the typical misplacement of the minutes and AM/PM. not to mention that I searched this screenie for the clock and didn't find it.
  7. Your answer seemed to be so serious, bro, it was just a joke! Well, I don't know, we only have Vanilla Coke in Switzerland. Pepsi is rare, very very rare. The only speciality Pepsi was able to launch here was Pepsi Crystal some years ago.
  8. Hmm... can't you just click "Search for Pic" or whatever (I'm on a German XP) and search/select your picture whereever it is on your disk...? But thanks for the tip with the location, can be of help in the future. Edit > Keith, I like your but have you ever heard of Vanilla Coke? You should try that, and yellow-red fits the badge better than white-red :6
  9. Everybody sing yeeeyeeeyeeeh! Everybody sing hooohooohoooh!
  10. so, you googeled, cool. but did you use the forum search too? I doubt it... but Relativity_17 is right.
  11. baaaad linkie, baaaad linkie! good linkie, good linkie!. only 5 dollah... other linkie, good linkie. not light linkie.
  12. aaah... indeed, a double post. by the way, I like your membertitle: but when thinking about *this* and the other thread, I suppose you replace "nerd" with something, err... more related to ****ies, called "n00bs" by some. Edit > The proper word for someone being new to something is censored??? to new-be isn't a crime, right? strange, somehow irritating...
  13. WTF are you talking about???
  14. Nice, very nice, I vote for the VS too tho. But what has this to do with Longhorn? I don't really get it...
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