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  1. Since the Smart Media Cards and Memorysticks not is built up by electromagnetic layers, like Harddrives and Backup Tapes, the data is not actually physically written on any layer - it's "burned" into the ROM. When this data is flushed - which accidently happened here, the memory just goes back to zero again. I have no idea how to bring this back, and as far as I know - this is impossible to restore. I'll have another look on the internet, but unfortunatly - I don't believe this exists.
  2. Looks great! Though, your wallpaper looks almost even more interesting What is that wallpaper anyway? Thanks!
  3. Oh, sorry Pe7er. I didn't have the time to check out who did it, I just saw the link and pressed it Thanks for the script. I'll try to download ActiveX controls from somewhere now!
  4. Hi again. It's this weather docklet: http://www.aqua-soft.org/board/index.php?s...?showtopic=6828 It's exactly the same as the Dark Weather, but with another skin, I suppose. No clue why this is happening. Very odd behavour.
  5. Yeah, it's like that when I add via the Add Meter -> VSB Script. Though, I tried to just open the Weather1.5.ini script now, and all the symbols popped up. Though, when I just make a single mouse-click on the text-boxes, this ActiveX error I showed you above comes again. What to do?
  6. Ok, only errors for me When I try to add a VBS script, it tells me: "Microsoft ActiveX Script Control create failed. Can't find the specific module."
  7. hi, and thanks for your answer so quickly! how do I cache the files? EDIT: yeah, I've changed it to beta.* and yes, I've personalized it. thing is, it's not telling me "n/a", it's just telling me that it's "Not Yet Executed"
  8. Hi. Nice Samurize script, whoever did it (the dark weather widget samurize script) When I execute the Samurize software, it only tells me "Not yet Executed" What have I done wrong?
  9. well said. let's just break the thread.
  10. ok, got it. can I download the YZbar somewhere?
  11. really? oh, so I have the wrong object dock? I'm using the Stardocks Objectdock and have downloaded the YZ docks. so, what's next for me? what will I do? download another objectdock - in that case, which one?
  12. ok, in short; it seems that I can't get any docklet working at all, except for Weather and Capture. why is that? I'm installing it correctly, but it says that there's a yzdocklet.dll or something missing. what have I done wrong? nothing appears up in the "add docklet" listing, so I can't add it! please help out guys!
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