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  1. I made this wall for myself but because a lot of people were asking for it, I put it on deviantART. Hope you like it!
  2. I was also wondering which program you use for showing some art/picture/... on your desktop. (e.g. the new desktop from Scott-Evo, the Chillin' Art thing, which program it is he uses ?)
  3. Wow, really like those icons ! Very complete pack, thanks !
  4. No problem, mate! Just release them !
  5. Looking nice styrizo ! But if you release them, maybe release a version without the shadow ? Sometimes it's really anoying ... So two versions, one with shadow, one without ;-)
  6. Yes, it would be really nice if you could change font/color/... for different items at the same time !
  7. Wow, nice link ! Never saw this pack before !
  8. Also looking forward for the release of this icon pack, great work man !
  9. It's looking nice, will check it out this evening !
  10. Nice colours, great job ! ;-)
  11. I like the idea, but I don't think it will work. (But cross my fingers for you ;-))
  12. Really neat. Like the elastic, nice idea :-)
  13. I think a week ago I was searching for some icons that could match a Pirates of the Caribbean wallpaper. It's really beautiful. Oh yes, PNG's would be nice too ;-)
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