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  1. I can think of far worse O.o - figured i'd drop past say hi, in the spirit of things. Fortunately my accounts looking favourably on me still. How is everyone these days? EDIT: <-- who remembers these avatars, that was a while ago -theunknown
  2. hey all... i completely forgot to post this here - But i hope you enjoy it, keep the bugs comming because ill be doing an update soonish. -The Unknown
  3. that would be me - hopefully will be done this week http://www.messengerlab.com - you'll find it there when its released. -The Unknown
  4. Messenger 7.0 finished its beta early this year... however Messenger 7.5 is currently being put through its BETA stage and should be released early-mid september (or so we've been told). It's for Messenger 7.5 that ill be doing MacMSN5 and like all the other MSN Skinners wont be releasing anything until we have a final build (too much changes during the BETA period). Ive already extracted all the resources and have started to put together some ideas. So rest assured its being worked on, and will be made available within a couple weeks of Messenger 7.5's release. -The Unknown
  5. well to let you know... MacMSN has been updated get it while its hot Link -The Unknown
  6. if it was in the old one it'll be in the new one - plus a few little improvments that chances are only i'll notice but oh well. -The Unknown
  7. Once i finish MacMSN i have one other skin to complete, then i was planning to create MSNBrushed ( like the posted SS ) and iChatMSN ( like iChat ) - now untill i finish each one i cant promise anything, but assuming i dont get too much of a real life anytime soon thats my plans. Assuming you've all used the Mess Patch, the installer for MacMSN will have most of those options, excluding stuff like add's that will be removed by default. And thats about it for now, except to say ive got most of the major content updated and just need to add the finishing touches. So a day or two i hope bu
  8. im thinking in this release ill include an option as to which tray icons to install so if you wanna PM me with a link i would be extremely interested -The Unknown
  9. you can sleep tonight knowing its in the works... lots of coke and little sleep should have MacMSN updated in the next few days -The Unknown
  10. myself having easy access to an 'Apple Reseller' from whom i get discounted prices ofcourse, i can safely say apple really dont care what price they sell their products at. However usually where there is an apple reseller there is also an official Apple Store, so the only way for the reseller to make a sale is to keep the price down. Consider yourself lucky however, becuase ive heard of one country with "Apple Resellers" selling MacMini's for $1199USD. My suggestion is to get one shipped in, the mini comes in an extremely small package so the shipping cost will definately keep the price down b
  11. because if u read the review, he borrowed the Shuffles from friends, so it didnt cost him much to try - and if you've got nothing better to do why not? alot of people would tell us skinning is a waste of time, hell it is but we enjoy it so why not -The Unknown
  12. well ive been playing around with the new version the last few days and to be quite honest the ammount of work involved to update MacMSN is putting me off ATM, that is knowing ill have to do it all over again in a month's time when the final version of MSN 7 is released. So for that reason and the fact the general public is only supposed to use version 7.0.0425 im not going to update MacMSN for this release. Rest assured the second i recieve the non BETA version of MSN 7 ill start updating the skin. -The Unknown
  13. 38 Pages long, a good number of which are negative and have no place here at AS. Now this project is something we've all been waiting along time for, but like many other good applications AS has seen, a few people always find a way to scare developers away ruining it for the majority of others. So with all that said im closing this thread until Raduking contacts either myself or another staff member to talk about how to arrange Request, Bug Reports, and the other useless rubbish people feel like throwing in. Hopefully within 24 hours a suitable solution will be found, and everyting will be nea
  14. your right, but no one here is talking about profit and market-share. it is the operation system we are discussing, not company marketing strategies, however you look at it OSX as far of operation systems go is far superior. i also never said apple started from scratch with OSX, i simple said they thought different, meaning they left their prior OS behind in favour of a much more powerful alternative. mayb thats what M$ need to do, either way im certain the day will come where M$ decide the base 'Windows' code has reached its limits and they will need to 'Think Different' themself. -The Unkn
  15. without wanting to sound to negative, that isnt the latest build - look at the date, since then we've had the above mentioned 4074 which i myself have tried. I can assure you that current leaked builds do not carry the Luna theme by default, and while some features are nice to play with... any extended use and the memory leaks force a restart. @Ave i realise what your saying but were talking about 6-7 years, surely appropriate resource managment could get the job done. And when i say to start from scratch i merely meant thats the only way they will ever keep up with OSX, keeping within the c
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