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  1. Just thought of sharing this app to the community here, since the other well known skinning app (shapeshifter) does not work on OS X Leopard as of now... from http://magnifiqueapp.com/ Free Software That's the first thing you need to know about Magnifique, the free theme switcher/applier and manager for OS X Leopard. It's completely free, and will always be free (although an occasional donation doesn't hurt). We believe that theming is free, and that it should be enjoyed by everyone. All the themes in our repository are free as well, because we do not believe in commercializing them
  2. try copying your library data from your old comp. should be found in this folder /music/itunes/ had no problems when i migrated my library from my vista comp to my mac - and I Dont think this post is appropriate under "customizing applications"
  3. the screen shot is in the Attached Thumbnails
  4. hmm i could make 1 for you , just send me a screenshot of how the bootscreen is supposed to look like
  5. A simple apple logo bootskin for stardock Bootskin application Instructions Ensure you have stardock bootskin installed Download the attached file and rename it to to a .bootskin file Run the .bootskin file limeApple.zip
  6. thats nice... anyway... sorry i didnt test out properly b4 releasing it i suppose some more talented developer can create an extension that actaully works for proper FF2.0 i didnt exactly recommend anything... and already wrote in the first post that this is for use with HACKED 1.5 UI themes anyway thanks for zohodajag for his .css thingy... i guess in the future , if i have tim e, i might implement his code into an extension... Edit: i just checked out the mozzie addons page , apparently the welll rounded extension might be updated sometime soon, i might go ahead and skin tha
  7. Hmm I Wonder if a Future release of avedesk(v3?) could be coded to be used to launch yahoo widget stuff Since Avedesk can already can launch docklets , why not konfab widgets ....lol Or maybe some1 could develop a desklet to emulate the engine , and thus beable to launch yahoo/konfab widgets I personally enjoy using Avedesk... since i switched from yahoo widget engine due to the Riddiculus way it lagged up my computer , but i'm sort of missing the large library of widgets available Haha... i bet some1 would state donate button... but I'm not a working adult, can't donate obviousl
  8. I use StylerTB WB v5 Object dock Avedesk2 Flyakite Objectbar yzShadow and a whole lot of other random community apps (macswitch and macsound by Landvermesser, FindeXer) anyway ObjBar Objdock and WB dont eat up much resources the more resource intensive ones i tried before would be Yahoo widgets(really eats resources), DesktopX , Winfx,and Topdesk, i used to use dexpot for my expose clone but found a better alternative(less resource usage), WinExpose
  9. Actually this method does work , if you are willing to put a few userchrome edits to fix the glitches and another note is that you dont need nightly simply open the xpi/ Jar file with winRaR and modifying the max and min version values defined in the file install.rdf i made a FF2.0 extension for hacked themes to skin the search bar to look like OS X there is also a link to a hacked SaFire theme which works with FF2.0 with a minimum glitches: see this post for the details you could try using that as a temporary fix before the REAL version comes out
  10. Btw to achieve this effect in 1.5 and below simply use this extension: search engine ordering make add a new google search plugin using this icon: however , the text Google in the Background will not be seen , since only the new FF 2.0 UI supports that
  11. Yah only i only just realized it only worked well for themes that have been patched up to FF2.0 (like the the patched SaFire theme i was using..) the true 2.0 themes looked screwed up Darn... looks like Desides was Right about the UI changes >.<
  12. Safari search bar: This is a skinned version of the Well Rounded extension to mimic the safari search icon It is meant for use with Firefox 2's new UI (for hacked 1.5 themes.. since well rounded in meant for FF 1.5 ) (tested with a hacked install.rdf SaFire theme--> download here) ( using it with the true 2.0 themes gave a lot of glitches which i haven't been able to solve yet...) Preview: Download link: http://mrmodxp.googlepages.com/SafSearch.xpi Notes: Before installation , remove any previous installations of well-rounded This extension will NOT stack with well rounde
  13. look for a "vista skin" you can try hacking the theme into FF2 compatibility if it is a 1.5 skin , however , there will/might be a few glitches..
  14. Has anyone tried skining IE 7 yet? IE 7 apparently allows you to remove the menubar and status Bar to achieve the safari look i managed to get my IE 7 to look like this: Using: WB 5 with the Tigersafari by Toyo Snow per application skin iN Iexplore.exe Styler toolbar (eternal aqua A) explioted a Styler TB bug which removes the top toolbar of Iexploer 7 (hide MenuBar(IE)) hid the statusbar and menubar anyway to hack the files to modify the Tabs? Btw FF2.0 is my main browser, i use IE 7 rarely but would like to see to what extent it could be Modded to look like safari
  15. Yes i forgot to add in Un-skinned parts that look bad can be tweaked around by editing the Userchrome.css files (or stylish) anyway i'm using well-rounded(skinning the search bar only since skinning the address bar screws up the Safire theme) and searchbar auto-sizer extension, maybe thats why my search bar looks fine i daresay some extensions that skin a small part of FF can be used to "coverup" the (badly/un)-skinned parts
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