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  1. Are the pictures photoshop mock-ups? The font rendering of the "finder clone" looks different from the desktop text... Is the shell going to be completely owner-drawn? or is it going to be standard (or skinned?) windows widgets? What engine is producing the 3D elements in Cairo? Is Cairo going to use any Vista-specific API that are not available in XP? Thanks! The pictures look impressive!
  2. Hi, I'm trying to make some xCode-esque icons for Visual Studio, because VS icons don't have the 48x48 version.... so I'm considering orange or blue as the icon color. What do you guys think? Cheers, Kei
  3. Another post.... I've tried to get the stuff out of MSN messenger 3 today. I'm particularly interested in the Login-animation where a pair of arrows spins smoothly on the Msmsgs icon. I used ResPlode to get all the stuff out of the appl file but there came a problem. The MooV resource in there cannot playback. I've looked at some articles on the web, they say the MooV resource in the R. Fork is just one of the many atoms need to play the movie. The atoms are stored in the D. Fork of the file. I want to get it out of the program too but how can I do it? Has anybody ever succeeded in ma
  4. Hello. I've extracted the pictures of Jaguar's UI elements into PSD files from EXTRAS.RSRC. Most images are In EXTRAS.RSRC contain an RGB picture, a Grayscale mask and a Clickmask (1bit) like this: Linked from desktopper.net But this is where the problem starts. Look at the first column on the left, the "Disabled" glyph (like the third one) is already blended into the dark background. Thus when I converted it to Photoshop format, something like this results: It looks completely different from what appearing on the real user interface. But I've looked at the raw data of #pxm
  5. What is the significance of this search??
  6. Hello, I have extracted all the resoures from the Aqua of Jaguar using Drag-and-drop. However these are all in PictClipping format (i.e. PICT in a Resource fork). I really need these file to be converted into a PSD or PNG. But I don't have access to a mac right now. Please can anybody with Photoshop on a Mac do the conversion for me? ( <-- Perhaps this can be quickly done with actions) I really appreciate your help! http://www.dreamyg.com/jaguar_original.zip Kei
  7. Actually the beach pictures can be extracted easily from the "Beach slidesaver" application by right-clicking the app icon and pointing to "View Package contents". All the pictures are located in the resource directory. Perhaps someone with an OSX box can do the extracting. I'm now off from school now .. I cannot do any for the moment. Perhaps the pictures extracted can be used with the "Nostalgic Screensaver" programme... ? oh folks! By the way I have tried that program with my Abstract desktop pictures. works unbelievably well! Just look exactly the same as the Abstract slidesave
  8. Hello folks... I have extracted the toolbar images from IE for mac. There are a lot of colors included in this package. The files have been converted into PSD format. I will keep these files until next Monday. 612 KB (627,429 bytes) Kei
  9. I don know perhaps because the new 5.0 does not support a background...? I think 5.0 is a bit too fancy for me (and consumes much more resource than 4.6). I can still do my chatting or etc with 4.6...! (not intended to fright you but I'm still using ICQ 2000a). Kei
  10. http://www.dreamyg.com/msmsgs.zip Use Resource Hacker to replace all Bitmaps in MSMSGS.EXE with the BMP files in this package (e.g. 407.bmp goes with "number 407 of the bitmap resources). PNG data treated the same way. One bitmap should be replaced in Msgslang.dll instead. Res Hacker can be downloaded from: http://www.users.on.net/johnson/resourcehacker/ Have fun. I'll keep the zip file on my webserver till next week.
  11. I'm using Msmsgs 4.6 and the files will be only bitmaps and PNG files. You have to change the resource in msmsgs.exe yourself is that okay? (I'm using Japanese edition of Msmsgs)
  12. I've changed some resource in my msmsgs4.6 executables to make it look likle msmsgs3 for OSX. http://www.dreamyG.com/aqua_msmsgs.gif Does it look good?
  13. Hello I tried to extract resources from Jaguar as well using an app called "ThemePark". But I can just extract PictClipping documents instead of PICTs or etc. Is there a way to change them back to PICT? Oh, by the way, have anyone ever succeeded in reading the PICT resources extracted from Office v.X ? I extracted them from the apps but they just turned out to be "Corrupted" when read by a PC. (Not by a Mac) Any help would be appreciated.
  14. Hello, I've spent a couple of hours dragging-and-dropping bitmaps from EXTRAS.RSRC from Jaguar but they are just .PictClipping files. Is there anyone using Photoshop or etc on a Mac? Can anybody please help me convert those Pictclippings to PSD files? I will be glad if you can me -- PM me or send me an email ([email protected]) Thanks.
  15. Hi there, I'm just wondering, is it okay to use the aqua interface that we extracted from extra.rsrc of Jaguar or OSX in our webpages, softwares etc? Will apple be mad if they see their aqua used on other softwares? Do I have to add a copyright notice say "aqua interface © 20xx by apple computer inc" etc? I've been using Windows all along and have not had a chance to touch an X-Box (I mean OSX) till I got access to the "Mac Computer Lab" in school. I've been so busy extracting everything from that Jaguar box and planning to use them on my own apps. But then somebody asked me "What good woul
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