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  1. yes, it works with SP3. look for info here: About Bricopacks and Windows XP SP3
  2. hi, check out the LeopardXP BricoPack or if you use vista take a look at VistaOSX '09 greets
  3. rk launcher is in my opinion the best. 2. rocketdock greets
  4. actually it's pretty much the same - but as (shellpack) installer. but i found the systemfiles for replacer on my harddisk yet again. here you go: http://www.file-upload.net/download-637586...s--SP2.rar.html
  5. hi, here you get the "Stefanka's Systemfiles Pack": http://www.forumdeluxx.de/forum/showthread...237173#stefanka greets
  6. hi, here it is: http://www.crystalxp.net/galerie/en.id.123.htm btw.: for more shellpacks you can look in my "shellpack installer overview": http://www.forumdeluxx.de/forum/showthread.php?t=237173 greets
  7. hi, how i can change the color of the red-marked background? thx in advance. greets
  8. hi! the sp2-files from nightcrawler are the german version. very great! but 3 problems i have: when i replace the files with replacer, the icons turn to the normal xp-icons again on the next reboot. then the messagebox, when i accept a new visual stlyle, is broken (only white background, no "please wait"). the third thing is, that the buttons of the turnoff-window (restart, turnoff, abort) are displaced, when the window-update-text is in it. have you any suggestions? thx & greetz
  9. hi! anybody knows, how i can change the font of the taskbar? aslo i want it in "bold". i think it will works with resourcehacker or resbuiler, right? but where i can find the right option? thank you in anticipation :-)
  10. hey! thank you, man! i will try, if it works in german. super! :-)
  11. hi! anybody knows, where i can download the "systemfiles SP2" in german? the links don't work. otherwise anybody can send it to me? thx & greets
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