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  1. Nimix

    ObjectDock Tray

    The main difference is that the Tray from OD is only included in the plus-version. Other differnces are that in my docklet all tray-icons are in one OD-icon, and in the Docklet you can not only change static icons but also customize animated icon (for instance the networktraffic icon). In OD Plus you can also customize such icons but then the icon is not animated any more.
  2. There is a new version on www.nimix13.ni.funpic.de/tray (Link fixed. -NC)
  3. Hello, I've written a new version of ObjectDock Tray. With this docklet you can see the icons in your system tray (taskbar notification area, systray) in ObjectDock. If you are interested have a look at: http://nimix13.ni.funpic.de/tray/ Hope you will like it, nimix (Link fixed. -NC)
  4. I don't want to know how long he tried it before having success....
  5. I also think that the skins from Iceman are the best! I am using this style for 2 years and I have not found a better one
  6. funny little game, but I think it's nonsense
  7. Nimix

    BlackMin dock

    nice, *thumbs up*
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