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  1. I guess this skin is dead. I have forked it and fixed: * missing re-captcha * Broken password recovery * Broken re-directs when logging in as admin * Updated JavaScript files * Added error CSS class so errors are easier to see
  2. Tim, Is it safe to say that you are no longer working on these skins? That is fine,it would just be nice to know. This recaptcha is still not working one year later. Steve
  3. Hiyas, on PHPBB 3.9, I am seeing this issue with active topics: I've made a few mods to 4.5.1 (mainly images, and some styles, like error class was missing, so errors didn't stand out). Thanks! Steve
  4. Thanks! they have several captchas now, I am usiing the one attached in the screenshot
  5. hate to bump, but no reply? Anyone have this issue with the recaptcha not showing?
  6. When users register with this skin, they only get text stating to enter the confirmation code. If I user other skins, I get the full re-captcha UI. Is re-captcha support broken with 4.5.1 aqua-soft and phpbb 3.0.7?
  7. Hi I am on a 3.6.8 vBulletin, trying to upgrade but it won't take my password for some reason. So I requested a new password, but when I click the link, I end up on my forums home page. I am not sure if this is a aqua-soft theme issue, maybe i have an older theme installed? It's been years since I touched this stuff so maybe I upgraded vbulletin and not the theme or something. Any clues as to why I cannot get to the password reset page? Also when logging in, it says you have used 1 of 5 attempts, and to click a link to request a new password. That link also takes me to the home
  8. hi! Been searching around; Was 4.5 released for WordPress? Are there any plans for it? Steve
  9. I solved it. Safari was not searching the advanced options field (or any field for that matter) Just wanted to change which image was used for# tbhome
  10. How do I override the logo? I could upload a new .gif but I'd like to point the image in tbhome to a different directory and file. I did this with the defautl style by changing the theader image, but I can't seem to find a reference to tbhome in the preferences nevermind, Safari's search is lame. Steve p.s. I hate those ads-as-links. lame. Love the skin
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