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  1. First off, be sure you downloaded the latest version of this Phtobooth Clone (found HERE) make sure your Webcam is not in use by any other applications, you have the latest version of Flash, and if none of those work, try running the application in Administrator mode. Also, you can try right clicking the window, and choosing the flash player option that allows access to the webcam. if none of this works, please post more symptoms or what you have done to try and fix the problem and i will be glad to help --jchaike
  2. it should =D if it doesnt, run it in COMPATIBILITY MODE as WINDOWS XP HOME. If it STILL doesnt work, try running in administrator mode. If neither work, try running in BOTH administrator mode, and compatibility mode. If it still doesnt work, post a reply with symptoms.
  3. You will never be able to do that. The frameworks for a Mac application and a Windows application are not the same. Macs use .APP and Windows uses .EXE. Mac can run .EXE with programs like CrossOver or Parallel Desktop, but Windows will never be able to run Mac applications. Sorry.
  4. i hope you aren't like, offended or anything. I thought it was a great flash product, and I kept your name intact, because, after all, you are the creator, I simply repacked it to make it an EXE. I didn't want credit for the actual application, just the idea to put it in a GUI and run as an EXE. i tried contacting you (I think i left a blog comment?) a while ago, and you never responded. sorry again
  5. are you using C++ to code this now? I am going to try it out now, it seems cool! Has anybody has success on Windows 7 with this? **update** doesn't work with Windows 7 Build 7000. It ran, gave me a .NET frameworks error telling me it cannot find ".lng" (I cannot name the English.lng to just .lng). I click continue and a blank window is opened titles "Form 1" I guess your using VB? Wish i could get it to work =[ the youtube video seems cool, I can't wait for you to work on it more.
  6. lol, that's weird in the fix that was posted, it seemed to work pretty well. it didn't really detect the background perfectly, but it was still pretty good =D
  7. I have SP2 and it works fine =P This app is great, I am glad I was able to get the idea out, and have someone else improve it =D Hopefully people will spread the app and this will get a lot of downloads
  8. vigil: I PM'ed you Please PM me back.
  9. Okay guys, I have been working on this making i my day project, and it seems like its ready for the public. I found this Flash file a pretty long time ago, and it was a GREAT flash clone of Photobooth. I recently have been using it a lot, and it bugged me that every time I wanted to use this Photobooth clone, I had to open FireFox up, hope it doesnt crash (from my 20 tabs), and then finally it would work (slowly). I decided I would implement the flash into an application, and mod a few things on the flash swf file to make it more Photobooth-like. It really isn't much of an application, o
  10. Guys: Here is a link for all to get AutoMounter =D www . avedesk . org / download . php ? id = 11 just put spaces inbetween, it wont let me post links =[
  11. This is great! I can't wait for future releases! Keep up the good work. Out of all the skinning capabilities, Window Blinds, and your iTunes Multi-Plugin are my favorite!
  12. This is a background of the sunset in the island of Turks and Caicos Preview: Link: http://jchaike.deviantart.com/art/Sunset-i...Caicos-63227523 Wallpaper Resolution: 1920×1200 Wallpaper is free to use, but please do not modify and release without my permission
  13. I recently found the Carbonite skin, and it looks amazing. I found a nice ObjectBar skin that matched Carbonite WB skin. The only thing that I am unable to find is a Carbonite Miranda Skin. Anybody have one?
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