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  1. ... or to respond to a message forum post/query. Yeah, in typical "open source" manner, the skin/project has been abandoned and forgotten. Pity. His girlfriend probably got pregnant or he got married, and suddenly he no longer has any time. The fate of most such projects.
  2. Funny, two ducks posting in a row. It’s just unfortunate that Timan just bailed on the site, and apparently never looked back (not even changed or customized the theme) - though grateful that he keeps it going.
  3. I guess these skin projects are all dead? Must be that Timan go a girlfriend, or got married, or something?
  4. Any chance at a beta release of the current IPB3 theme?
  5. Any chance at a beta release of the current IPB3 theme?
  6. That's been my impression as well. Glad I'm not alone in that.
  7. How could it be more of a mess that iPB currently is? More reliable for skinning?
  8. So far, I'm comparing this to the new vBulletin 4.0 and the theming seems to be much less of a hassle under vB4 (particularly remaining apparently constant between version udates). From following your status updates on here, it seems IPB make fundamental changes every time they release another update.
  9. Any chance you could release the interim version for IPB that you're working on, so more of us could test it out in combination with the mobile skin?
  10. ...and why is that an automatic no? It supports their latest version - nothing unexpected there.
  11. If IPB3 weren't such a mess from the administration and configuration point of view, I would swith to it (ihave licenses for both). While I can understand Timan's point of view regarding the ease of theming, simply running and admining a site, vB has done their homework, with end users in mind, far better than IPB has. On the other hand, IPB just released an iPhone app to connect to IPB sites, which is VERY well done, and they appear to understand that their users and customers come from several platforms - the vB designers and managers have admitted to 'tolerating' Mac users, and most likely will never support Safari with their text editor (while many others do). So, yeah, short of writing your own forum, difficult to decide.
  12. I'm increasing the importance of the CMS, ie the home screen, amending my earlier comment.
  13. both colors and design look actually very nice in your placeholder, looking very funcrional.
  14. There is no need - iPhone supports sending image files either from the photo album, or via the camera, and uploading them.
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