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  1. I am planning on doing this, keep in mind I haven't finalized the API for creating the menu's yet so I would hate to release a preliminary version and then later change the API and break compatibility. Unfortunately for all people asking when Rosie 1.0 will come out, I do not have a specific time frame but I can guarantee it will be soon, but keep in mind I will have to code a website, for the database of user submitted menu's and applets. To all the people saying they get no menus, does it work with notepad? how about calculator? .. I'd like to know Thanks, and any developer interest
  2. @aquawelt: try renaming the file from .rskin to .zip and then opening it. Or I think you can simply choose to open it with winrar, winzip etc, they should recognize that it is a zip file. @Ghostwalker: It is planned to be implemented for the release version. I appreciate your feedback.
  3. Most likely. Utorrent, etc. works perfectly fine on my end. As you have stated a few applications use special menu's that need to individually be implemented, those are being worked on but are secondary since technically they are "add-ons". Rosie does work with all native window's menus, such as the menu's in notepad, winrar, utorrent, etc.. Unfortunately a lot of applications decide to implement their menu's in their own special propriety way, which is of course ridiculous and near impossible to use a generic capture method. This means that a custom menu handler must be written (i.e. in
  4. Any one interested in this program should check out Rosie: http://www.aqua-soft.org/forum/index.php?s...mp;#entry528854 No virus alerts
  5. Keeping with the nature of "Community Preview", I will let you guys take a peek at what I've done so far. Skins are now simply zip folders, open them up and you'll understand how it works, so start making some! Things missing: Haven't coded the menu scroll over effect (i.e. you have to click each menu item to open it) Does not save configuration Preference dialog is totally incomplete Translations. Included Japanese language file is just to test Unicode support. It's pretty much feature complete, (I usually save the boring bits till last). Let me know what you all thin
  6. You would have to inject some code into the target process, Then use GetModuleHandle to look for these DLLs: http://www.toymaker.info/Games/html/d3dx_dlls.html and some of the default dlls.
  7. Slated for 0.7: I am hoping to implement a vista/windows 7 style of being able to customize which icons are directly visible and which are hidden in a "sub" tray icon Also vista styled 'glass' support, so that leopard styled menu bars can be more native looking. But first for 0.6: I must make rosie more stable, which means completely reconsidering design decisions made 3 years ago ... I will not be releasing rosie until it completely stops locking systems up randomly, this is a persisting bug which unfortunately is a product of its complexity (i.e. completely rewriting system l
  8. I had a feeling something was happening. Its great to see people still squeezing everything they can out of little Rosie. I have a new version 0.5 but first, Matonga I would like to discuss with you what changes you made and attempt to merge them. .... one day late on the 3 year anniversary!
  9. Expect a more polished release soon. A while back my hard drive crashed and I lost all the work between 0.2 and 0.3 which set me back a while since I forgot how to fix the stability issues. The community response for this program has been so encouraging and I think I will dust this old program off and start working on it again.
  10. that's weird... because the only thing that happens when that is selected is rosie runs 'wupdmgr.exe' are you using a localized version of windows?
  11. Rosie Preview 0.3 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -tabbed preference dialog -application profiles (for exclude, custom name, and custom menu dll) -better mouse over for menu handling, WH_MOUSE instead of WH_MSGFILTER -windows legacy applet for the system tray icons (rough in) -'snapping' back of the desktop finally got this out, not a huge release... just everything is being polished further. The new system tray applet is a godsend if you are hiding the taskbar. It is just a rough in right now, it might not display all of your ico
  12. hey guys, thanks for the encouragement. development has not stopped, and I had a major goof in the last release with rosie not creating a registry entry. So I have gone back and fixed it... this is still just 0.2, but with the registry bug fixed. 0.3 just isn't ready yet. sorry about that, my bad.
  13. which version are you using? it works for me with version 10.
  14. in the registry, HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareRosieExclude create a dword value with the executable's name... eg notepad.exe and set it to 1 You might have to create the Exclude key.
  15. Click on the apple and goto -> force quit or ctrl-alt delete?
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