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  1. wow! some very familiar names around here. HELLO!
  2. NO U!!!! wheres is pyn, i want to honkey smack him
  3. *smacks the hell out of timmeh!!! runs away shaking naked hiney at everyone*
  4. one, the icon you are trying to replace it with is a png...hence the block box.....what you need to do is get ahold of pixadex, bring the png into there and then drag the png to your desktop (thus converting it to an icn)......then get info on that icon and your docs folder icon, copy the icon from the top of the get info window and paste it onto your documents get info window
  5. it's starting to look like theming on leopard is going to be a longs way off. It's been discovered that leopard is using a completely different way of skinning the ui, and as such, it seems that it will take a long time to figure out if theming can even be done.
  6. hahhaha, I know that silly man, but say your email as the respond to, and couldn't help but respond.....rah Thanks all for the wishes! I still lurk here....muahhahahah
  7. i farted and the dog gave me a dirty look and left the room.... he EATS his own poop, and my gaseous expulsion offends him?...WTF
  8. before and after installing updates always repair permissions......try repairing them to see if it fixes your prob, if not trash your pref's file
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