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  1. I just checked mine. Been on all night 4 Hours ish and its 126148. I think you have a few " extras" going on there
  2. Has anyone else encountered a problem? I updated my windowblinds to 6.4 via stardock central and Spyware doctor went daft and started deleting files. Even now I have to stop it manually from wanting to reboot and deleting certain WB files it thinks is spyware. The previous WB had no issues with Spyware doctor at all. I have reported the error to Stardock. I'll keep you posted of the outcome. Known issue between PCTools and WB. Getting fixed
  3. You should always, ALWAYS do Xmail first when an update is needed hehehe :-)
  4. Yes mate that's the one I use, but the one previous to this had the smaller indicators. Very nice that was
  5. The new one is very nice. I am torn between the thinner seperator and the small indicators tho'. I cant make up my mind hehehe
  6. The new real leopard is very special mate Moderators should move this to the official skin section. It's very very worthy. This is the best yet Congratulations my friend
  7. very noice indeed my friend , this takes me back a bit :-)
  8. Fantastic mate. Can you tell me how to get rid of the very thin white line that goes round the grid. It very small perhaps only a pixel wide.
  9. Firefox - Coz of the add ons, particularly the skinning and "no script"
  10. One small point U, how to fill in the border in the stack grid view?
  11. Its awesome again mate, as close to mac as its possible to get, but I cant get me stacks to work in grid view. They do in Fan mode but not grid. Any ideas ??
  12. we need a 5.4 version me old mate :-)
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