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  1. yeah, man. although, i really only know his stuff with bowie.
  2. miles davis is quoted (somewhere) as saying that stravinsky was THE MAN. ooh, ooh! there's a great jazz/classical crossover piece by leonard bernstein called 'prelude, fugue and riffs.' i've got a recording of it with benny goodman on clarinet. it is super kick-ass.
  3. this is a tough one. i think most people would point you towards mozart, bach, beethoven. it depends on what your aesthetic is: do you like brittany spears? start with mozart. do you like frank zappa? start with stravinsky. do you like enya? start with debussy. do you like hip-hop? there's no hope for you.
  4. hey, somebody smart at aqua-soft! yeah, stravinsky, rimsky-korsokov, (early) prokofiev, janacek, bach, dvorak, respeghi, to name a few. i didn't always like classical. when i was about 25 or 26 (yes, a looooong time ago!), a friend of mine sat me down, put headphones on me, and played me something i'd never heard of before, a little piece called 'the rite of spring' by some guy named stravinsky. changed my life.
  5. dud, elo rocks! i just bought my brother the flashback boxset for his birthday.
  6. transylvania? i thought that was a made up country.
  7. http://www.flickr.com/photos/w00kie/sets/180637/
  8. true, you don't gots to splain nothin' to no one. what then, are we to make of your claim? it ain't that good cuz you say so? okay, then... ---------------- Now playing: Lavern Baker - Saved via FoxyTunes
  9. in case anyone is curious (and i know you are!), i'm a big-spending, double-folding paul bunion.
  10. lucy, you got some splainin' to do...
  11. anyone who pays 1.29 to itunes instead of .99 to amazon is nuts. @kaw: yeah. .30 to unlock the song i already bought. whatta joke!
  12. for free: avira gets better scores than avast or avg, but doesn't have an e-mail component. for pay: the battle for tops rages on between kaspersky and nod32. check this.
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