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  1. pidgin, trillian also do it for windows. But if you want it to perfectly resemble ichat. first check deviantart under customization, skins and themes, instant messengers and see if there any ichat skins. then check what program it is and then dl and follow the readme.
  2. well it isnt that urgent. But I recently figured out how to work pidishortcut and for some reason for the life of me cant get it in the middle of the icon. Here is what I am talking about...Why is it above the icon like that I want it centered or at least right next to it. http://img16.imageshack.us/img16/9210/wtfman.png also, although I have the same settings for all three for the dropshadow each one dropshadow gets a little bigger. Also, Cant figure out how to get a My Documents folder with it to show how many objects are in the folder.
  3. I want three HDD Icons on my desktop. One for each of my hard disks. But I dont know how to do it. I was told by someone on deviantart that avedesk does this but it only did one for My Computer and the Recycle Bin. I also want one for my music folder and my movies folder. But I also want it to say at the side, Like how many files and stuff are in the folder. But for hard disk ones I want it to say, like details for the hard disks on the side. Not files, Like How much free on the first line out of total size. If anybody can help me out it would be really cool. Somebody close this I found out
  4. 1. Change icon for stack docklet. 2. If taskbar is on bottom make it sit on top of the taskbar instead of going right through the taskbar.
  5. Well, I just want to change the icons not the whole style.
  6. I would like to edit the volume icon on my tray and I would also like to edit these icons... I know osxflyakite does it but I want to use the finderbar by laverndasser or whatever and I cant get it working with osxflyakite so i took it off. Also, I dled finderbar again and it didnt work. It just took all the open tasks and took them off the taskbay.
  7. I downloaded finderbar 1.3 stable and unzipped and started the engine and this is all I got. All it did was stop showing the stuff thats in the taskbar, the startmenu is the same. http://img464.imageshack.us/my.php?image=sfdbhxcfghw6.png What am I doing wrong?
  8. Problem with objectbar, None of the mac themes I dled have that theme for object bar just samurize, Should I get samurize? Actually Samurize isnt workin at all. I loaded up the finder and everything and I would click on the finder and I could move it around and stuff but I couldnt right click and do anything with the finder thing that came up. Then I restarted my pc and it was gone. Any other way to get that stuff next to my start button. Got it working. I think. edit; No Not working at all. Does anybody know why, After I uninstalled samurize the finder is still on my desktop.
  9. Thanks alot. My windows is gonna be looking extremely out of control after I get all this workin.
  10. Awesome thanks alot. Anybody know how to use this on a windows pc.
  11. I tryed something similiar to it before with avedesk and I could only have one on my desktop. I also tried one with another program but I could only do My Computer not my two drives I have.
  12. Cool, Where do you get your themes...Link please.
  13. I got Avedesk 1.3 and there is a empty space in the sys tray where the avedesk Icon is supposed to be anyway to fix it so there isnt a empty space? Can someone give me some links to desklets? Where you can have your HD on the desktop and where I can have a My Computer and My Music folders with customizable icons. Also, I very simple clock and weather desklet? Or whatever there called. Also, a winamp cd case, just cd case no text or anything. Thanks in advance, Please dont close my topic. I searched and i just dont have a understanding of the program to know what each thing is and what to ge
  14. I am also trying to find themes and docks for this program but was scared to ask because I didnt search the entire world wide web before asking.
  15. I am currently using rklauncher and I love it. Is yz dock a completely different program of just little plugins for rklauncher. Sell me on this program, Pros and cons, Things this does that rk doesnt. Any info is appreciated.
  16. Ok cool, But is there any quick keys or anything to get to settings. Because I hate having a seperator. edit, thanks alot btw...hehe.
  17. go to the dock settings. I took off the recycle bin and the seperator and now there is no blank area for me to right click and go to the settings.
  18. I used webshots and it completely sucked ass. I used another program and it was a total resource hog. I then searched google(so dont close my topic unbeliever) and couldnt find anything. Anybody got any good wallpaper switcheroo programs.
  19. Thanks alot man,If your the man who made this program, You RULE!!!!! This program is 10x better then objectdock imo. I got another question, Is it possible to take a proram off the dock without never show in dock?
  20. I had trillian on my rk launcher and I hit never show in dock by accident right now at this point I dont even remember what I was trying to do... So I go into program files and all that and drag the trillian icon in thedock but it wont go in. It got a circle with a slash through it. Anyway for me to put it back on?
  21. Hey guys I need some help, I need to get the latest version of the plugin for foobar for this to work I get this error when I start foobar. http://img231.imageshack.us/img231/4827/errdfewe3.jpg Can anybody tell me what to do to make this work and give me some links to the stuff I need. NVMD, I got it working.
  22. I asked in a thread about how to get those icons for my drives on my desktop like macs got but the mod closed my thread. I have avedesk on my pc already, Before Unbeliever gets all anal I did do a search but I just dont know the name of the mod or plugin or widget or whatever it is. If someone can help me I would really appreciate it. http://img205.imageshack.us/img205/7534/werdfsdfxa6.jpg
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