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  1. Hey there. I don't know if there is a free version of a program like this(I know there are tons of poorly made shareware ones), but I've been using Mac OS 10.3.9() at school. If I download an archived file, OS X automatically extracts it, saving me a couple of steps. I know it might sound whiny, but I download a lot of archived files, and it they just... automatically extracted through some shell or script(I'm completely illiterate in coding for desktops. Web coding is a different story ). Just an idea. By the way, I'm using Vista, so it would be fabulous for an application like this to be
  2. Creative Suite. I've tried using this in Vista for Photoshop CS3, and it's not working out.
  3. Hey, what you did here is really awesome. Do you think you can get this to work with CS3?
  4. Thanks man! Awesome work btw. -Phil
  5. Does anyone happen to have this on their computer? The creator's mysql database is dead. Thanks -Phil
  6. I've installed opensuse Linux 10.2 a few months ago and it's pretty easy. Well, at least to my knowledge it's the easiest to use. Ubuntu/Kubuntu and especially Gentoo makes you use the terminal very frequently. Gnome is less difficult than KDE, but many will tell you different. Beryl + Nvidia + Gnome is working great. (Also directed toward Slewed & Dorsc ) I believe you're in luck since Intel graphics chips are great for Xgl. Not to mention that Nvidia/ATI graphics drivers are illegal to the Linux license. @Septimus: If you have the latest version of Beryl(0.1.3) try the GT
  7. Thanks for the replies. vkeios you've helped alot. I'm using miniMIZE now, and it works like a charm! Unfortunately the traymodule's website is down and I haven't been able to find a download link anywhere. Again, thanks for your help! -Onomus
  8. Yes, another one of my posts about how to get rid of the taskbar in Windows. Here's what I want. Some type of little system tray app that looks like the system tray only not attached to the taskbar. Another thing I'd like is to make some type of way to minimize a window and it just jumps to a corner of the screen and stacks upon itself. A dock is a great way to do this but I'm sick of changing through RocketDock, OD, and RKlauncher. I'm sticking with RocketDock for it's great support. Unfortunately it doesn't have a taskbar. :s Sorry if this doesn't make sense thanks -Onomus
  9. Hi, I posted a wishlist a while back but this one is a bit different. It doesn't have to do so much as customization but helpful tools. 1-An all around encoder that can convert, encode, and compress formats such as .mov , .avi, .mpg , ect. 2-Screen capture software that can output to videos. One that can be used for games such as WarRock. 3-A Virtual Desktop Manager that is simple but smooth. I like Virtual Dimension but it seems I've come to envy Leopard's Spaces idea. Time and help will be apreciated. Thanks, -Onomus
  10. I just about had a heartattack of joy when I saw Novum.. http://wincustomize.com/ViewSkin.aspx?SkinID=5788&LibID=1
  11. Amazing! ONe progblem though.. The text is all white. So I'm typing right now and not knowing if I'm making mistakes! I really REALLY love this theme! Keep up the great work!
  12. I finally got the guts to buy WB5... Anyway, I was browsing through the DevArt WB XP section and saw this skin but what I noticed was this little bar on the top. What is that exactly? Thanks -Onomus
  13. I don't want ti to look exactly like Vista just give you a vista feel.
  14. Lol I already saw that mate. It just seems odd that no-one talks about it and keeps trying to mimic it..
  15. I'm thinking of making a pack with an assortion of tools I used to make my desktop look like vista. for one thing this pack would not include anything what-so-ever about windowblinds. Things I used and would like to package- -Radium Vista Pack -Vista RkLauncher backgrounds -styler, along with the vista toolbar theme -LikeIe for the Opera browser -and a theme called VistaCG All of that makes my desktop look like this I think this just looks plain on cool so I want to share it with others (I don't know what to expect so I need a guide to help me trough the process)
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