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  1. OMG dont EVER try the chocolate-covered-cherry flavor! Seriously, I'm warning you...
  2. add an h ---> ttp://pfaf.deviantart.com/art/4-11-08-82517313
  3. I have also been desperately trying to find how to do this
  4. saweet. thanks, trying it out now.... edit: ok, this is the best IM client i have used..... how have I never heard of it before?
  5. i have used every dock and they all have their strengths. in fact, i switch between them all regularily depending on what look/functionality i'm trying to achieve.... try them all out and use what you like best
  6. @ eric: where can i find those drive icons?
  7. "You can not post links or images at this time. Please edit your post." pfaf.deviantart.com/art/Deja-Entendu-78968136
  8. I'm testing it on RK launcher and yes, the icons are smooth now, but my folder icons don't change to the icons I applied with iconpackager... are they supposed to? actually, the My Pictures, My Music, and My Videos icons changed, but not the regular folder icons
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