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  1. May desk - maybe NSFW - huge size (4MB)
  2. Am I the only one waiting for the May thread..?
  3. I've converted, first SS, tips/hints/suggestions/comments appreciated!
  4. Does anyone have an Audiscrobbler/Last.fm icon that's just the "as" logo they use, which would fit into the systray?
  5. Couldn't agree more on the native-interface argument. It would make the app alot more slick. I updated recently and seem to find the cursor-offset has been fixed. Pretty cool app all together already
  6. I've tried that. The iPhone is recognized as a Camera, not a drive, so you can't change it that way. Thanks for the suggestions though, any other ideas?
  7. Just to be precise, this is the icon I want to change: I tried to Reshack the file c:windowssystem32wiashext.dll which had an identical icon, but that didn't work. Here's what I know so far: * The Reshacking of the file was succesful, see this image which indicates that the icon has changed in the dll. * Yes, I tried rebuilding the icon cache, and that didn't help either, nor a reboot. This leads me to think that the icon is located elsewhere, does anyone know? UPDATE: I've now also edited c:windowssystem32shell32.dll, the icon groups 248-1033 and 309-1033 has been replaced (and confirmed after reboot&rebuild that the dll is updated with other icons), but still no go...
  8. Very cool! Nice to see some development for AveDesk! Good job!
  9. Hey man it's not yout fault Thanks anyway...
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