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  1. May desk - maybe NSFW - huge size (4MB)
  2. Am I the only one waiting for the May thread..?
  3. I've converted, first SS, tips/hints/suggestions/comments appreciated!
  4. Does anyone have an Audiscrobbler/Last.fm icon that's just the "as" logo they use, which would fit into the systray?
  5. Couldn't agree more on the native-interface argument. It would make the app alot more slick. I updated recently and seem to find the cursor-offset has been fixed. Pretty cool app all together already
  6. I've tried that. The iPhone is recognized as a Camera, not a drive, so you can't change it that way. Thanks for the suggestions though, any other ideas?
  7. Just to be precise, this is the icon I want to change: I tried to Reshack the file c:windowssystem32wiashext.dll which had an identical icon, but that didn't work. Here's what I know so far: * The Reshacking of the file was succesful, see this image which indicates that the icon has changed in the dll. * Yes, I tried rebuilding the icon cache, and that didn't help either, nor a reboot. This leads me to think that the icon is located elsewhere, does anyone know? UPDATE: I've now also edited c:windowssystem32shell32.dll, the icon groups 248-1033 and 309-1033 has been replaced
  8. Very cool! Nice to see some development for AveDesk! Good job!
  9. Hey man it's not yout fault Thanks anyway...
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