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  1. Apparently that app was removed from the App Store - either by Apple or by the "developer".
  2. Neither in Israel nor in Russia. I don't understand Apple's international marketing strategy for the iPhone. They seem to have signed contracts only with major cellular companies and let them release the iPhone in their worldwide markets. However, that leaves many countries with no iPhone, even if there's a high demand for it there. For example, Israel is not in the list of 70 countries which will release the iPhone soon, but they already created a group for the purpose of bringing the iPhone to Israel, which has over 1000 members - there's definitely a high demand for iPhones there.
  3. I think Friends was one of the best shows ever although not all seasons were that good I also like Family Guy - very funny show.
  4. I'd like to recommend a new Widget for generating short URLs made by WidgetWorld - it's called Tinyfier. With it's amazing graphics, cool animation and intuitive drag&drop based UI, it's a great tool for generating short URLs. It uses tinyurl.com as default but other online services can be used as well. More information, screenshot and download in here.
  5. There are some Widgets which support custom search engines like the Pinpoint Widget. I tried it with a custom search for songs in the ultimate-guitar website and it worked. Here's what I did: 1. Open the Pinpoint Widget. 2. Right click it and select "Add a New Search". 3. In the "URL of search results page" field enter: for songs: http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/search.php?w=songs&s=[?] for bands: http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/search.php?w=bands&s=[?] 4. Fill in the other preferences and click the "Add Search Engine!" button.
  6. Happy 2008 everyone! Here's my current desktop: Further details on DA
  7. On Windows you can just press Win key+D to show the desktop so you might find it easier than a Widget.
  8. Works great! Keep up the good work.
  9. For members who want Joost invites - try getting one for free from one of these links: http://www.joost.com/presents/techcrunch/ http://joost.com/presents/gigaom-newteevee/
  10. nicholasheer and potatocake - you both have Joost invites now.
  11. a`d, mvmiranda and Leftover Pizza are invited.
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