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  1. Because i'm using a french version of VB. Not that I bother using a US version but this is the only one I have. I'll get a US version to get rid of this dll (wich I forgot once again in B470 ) Jmitch : The problem comes from the installer that didn't prompt and erased newer version of dlls (maybe other language...) Sorry about that, but it's not my fault. DOES ANYONE HAS A GOOD INSTALLATION SOLTUTION THAT DOESN'T ****S UP ONE'S CONFIGURATION ??? yep both are included in the same installer ripping my brains out!! no seriously, I'm just drawing the buttons by myself on the
  2. it's slow as hell, keep trying! BTW: you need a fast computer to run iphoto, PII 500 is a minimal a 1Ghz is better
  3. grrrrrrrrrrrrrr don't know!! honestly I don't!!! we'll see if ne1 else has this problem anyone : Feel free to make mirrors, PM me with the link Gave it a try and doesn't look so good. I asked jef if he could remove the stripes in the next version of aqua controls, and got no response, maybe the mail didn't go through. I'll MSN him someday about this I've thought of that, but it's not necessary, create a new album and drag and drop photos to the thumbnail viewport, that will do! Sure! here it is!!
  4. humm weird! did you close the app and run it again once you delete the folders ?? At least it works for me. Actually iPhoto doesn't track the folders in real time so you must restart the program. I guess I'll have to make an album manager window sooner or later ...
  5. I just figured how you may need to refresh the download page to see the update ...
  6. Woooo 550 views in less than a day, that means almost 350 downloads or something!! Anyways, I had a lot of mails reporting problems with download and installation, so I made an update. Check out information, download and directions here : http://iphoto.zapto.org Enjoy!
  7. ok guys, here's what we will do: i'll fix one or two bugs reported and i'll try another installation program solution Wise sucks ass!, if ne1 has an idea i'm interested PM at [email protected] PS: installshield would be good but .... I'll let you guess what's the point, we're not on a warez site
  8. nope it's more like : come see what i'm hidding in my little stash (iphoto maybe, who knows ...) well no i'm just a guy and ... quite enjoying it actualy! Anyways, I'm not woman enough to be your man just kidding
  9. Yeah go ahead, it seems my link is buggy sometimes. To those who want to host iphoto : please, send me a link to the mirror along with a link to your homepage (if you have one). Put a message on your page to tell people to check out my site while downloading. There might be important information to read before using iphoto. thanks
  10. Humm weird! Is there anyway you could try on another computer. My first guess would be a problem with MSI engine (you know those msi installation files from microsoft) I'll try to find an update to fix that one. Anyone having such problem ?
  11. copy it in the exe's folder or in windows/system32 folder
  12. What version of windows do you use? Windows 9x ?
  13. go to the 'Aqua related apps' forum to see the post of the first alpha relase, follow the link then download
  14. grrr ... always the same problem with vb6fr.dll. It's available here to download: VB6FR.DLL Don't pay attention to errors related to pssdk301.ocx if you don't use the canon powershot import plugins. Otherwise you may have to register it manually by doing the following : 1. Create a new shortcut to 'regsvr32.exe' (should be in Windows folder) 2. Look for the pssdk301.ocx file in plugins folder of iPhoto for windows 3. drag and drop the ocx to she shortcut. 4. you should see a regsitration succesful message poping up 5. Try the import feature About the acces-denied stuff, I don't know what t
  15. Here's the first alpha release of iPhoto -> see the iPhoto for windows website : http://iphoto.zapto.org Due to some instabilities, most features of the share section have been disabled. I'm sorry for the huge downlod (8Mb), I would need a better installation solution. Use iPhoto only with backed-up photos. iPhoto may destroy your images without notice (mostly in the edit section). I do not take any kind of responsabilities whatsoever. I think iPhoto is 65% to 70% done, and you may encounter problems to install it. Since there might be some minor updates in the next few days, I'm askin
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