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  1. I was watching the Apple WWDC 07 keynote which finished some 10 minutes ago. One of the things they announced is that they brought Safari to the Windows platform. It's still in beta, but now you can finally put your skins in the trash and go with the real deal. http://www.apple.com/safari/download/
  2. i'm a recent convertor also and finding my way in OSX. can't surf around without Inquisitor anymore. Inquisitor 3 is a plugin for Safari. it's pretty much like spotlight but for the internet. http://www.inquisitorx.com/safari/
  3. it's there in the thread that was pointed out earlier; http://www.aqua-soft.org/board/showthread....hlight=Splasher check the post from XP_2003, valid download link
  4. thanks, but in Safire gradient theme there is no such thing as chunk.gif so both options wouldn't work. if i just point to chunk.gif through Fissions options it won't work either
  5. i'm having troubles with getting Fission (0.8.5) to display an aqua style progressmeter in the addressbar. i'm running Firefox 1.5 with the Safire gradient theme. i tried Zeroeffect's altered progressmeter.css, which works, but the progressmeter doesn't start entirely on the left side and it's too small. it starts halfway behind the favicon. also i can't seem to get the text colour to change when the progessmeter is showing i tried the code in userchrome, but it does not work. any help is appreciated
  6. open your "theme".jar with winrar (or any other program along the lines) and look for browser.css alter it, save it and re-apply the theme
  7. i extracted the RSS icon/button (for urlbar) from the Eternal Aqua Safire.jar, in the sage folder i copied them to the sage folder in safire.jar (sage.png & sage-small.png), saved and reinstalled the theme, but nothing happened what more do i have to change? also i want to get rid of the "it's firefox" thing when a new tab loads i added @import url("chrome://global/skin/subskin/graybackground.css"); in the userChrome, above the namespace line, but it does not work i'm using ChromEdit to make changes to the userchrome any help is appreciated ok, i managed to fix the "it's firefox
  8. how do i get the blue RSS icon in the urlbar like in the screenshot from Zeroeffect's Eternal Aqua Safire? http://www.deviantart.com/view/26250401 (sorry, cannot post links yet) i'm using the latest version of Safire and Fission, but don't like the standard icon with "RSS" text oh, and where to get the icon? (You don't want to be hotlinking DevArt anyway...can you edit this with a link to the page you're talking about, instead of the image? -NC) thanks for fixing the link. it points to the DA page now. Right . -NC
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