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  1. Absolutely Not True! Your assuming that a brand name is automatically better, and sadly this is not always the case. Bench manufacture their clothes in the cheapest possible way, anyone who says they dont are liars, its business economics. Bench clothing will be mass produced in china for 50p a time or something insanely small, and then be sold to mugs like you who think its better for £100 - £99.95 clear profit. I cannot stand ignorance in any form - your assuming BENCH is better, when in actual fact it probably really isnt as good as some of the clothes in Primark.
  2. "If you dont like it, dont buy it" I agree with that statement, i dont agree with the price of the hardware i think it is over the top and anyone who purchases Apple hardware is basically being ripped off. I do like Apple's software, i think Leopard is brilliant and yes it is good that they can control the compatibility of their Software as long as its on closed Hardware. It comes down to who is really responsible for Software not working properly, is it a hardware issue (most probably not) therefore its more likely to be the software itself, Microsoft/Apple can only ever do so much - the h
  3. Apple to me have the capability to take the Computer world in a major coup, if only they enabled their software to run on open hardware, Microsoft Windows is where it is today because you can install it in any configuration and you dont have to buy the hardware from Microsoft. I was seriously looking at an Apple Macbook for my next purchase or even an iMac but the price is plain greedy, and Leopard alone is not worth that much extra than what a similar spec PC would cost. The Macbook at the moment has an Intel GMA Graphics chip in it with 144mb DDR2 Shared memory ... wtf is that going to run
  4. Hey Ive designed a layout in Photoshop and is it possible to update content etc using CSS? if so can anyone point me to some resources i only know a little CSS.
  5. reported the above post by bigbag, people have been perm banned for less if gnome gets you start making piece with whoever our beloved creator is
  6. Since you are looking to run Photoshop you would need a MacBook Pro You: really? Emer: Yes as Photoshop requires a dedicated graphics card and you will need this for optimum performance --- is he nuts or is this true?
  7. Hey, Im checking out the Mac Mini to use purely as a workhorse for designing on and its probably the best way to get a Mac for me at this moment in time, its nice and small and i could hook it up next to my PC. My question is, is it powerful enough to do most tasks, and is there any product revisions in the pipeline for the mac mini? Has it got wireless built in? Is it even any good it seems a bit restricted in terms of specs? Anyone here got one, please give me some feedback on what you think of it. Buying a mac is bloody hard!
  8. Guys, Im looking at a MacBook Pro on Ebay for £500.00 with 3 hours left, its used, but looks in good condition and it comes with 1gb of memory, 120gb HD, Remote and Leopard Upgrade DVD - does it sound like a good deal? AJ
  9. definately the latter I'm sending this from my iPod touch much prefer better hardware for my mac so its prob hanging on a little while longer if I can
  10. Hey all @ AS : Firstly let me say i've been away for quite some time, but RL has taken priority for me recently moving house etc .. all non stop - so hopefully i can hang around again now things have settled down. Secondly, i need your advice .. im considering a MacBook Pro and people have mentioned a product refresh coming soon, my question is, is it worth waiting? and when the product refresh happens, is it likely the other MBP's will be discounted? AJR1
  11. Thanks Timan, im goin to have to check torrents as the stream isnt working from Apples website
  12. Ive searched and searched and i cant find a direct download to the Keynote speech by Jobs at this years WWDC. Anyone got any ideas what time, or where it will be available?
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