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  1. I am looking for a set of disney icons.....no specifications other than they are a set of disney dock or regular icons thank you in advance
  2. i know i am ressurection quite the old thread...but does anybody have these still as the site has gone down? i would really like them
  3. thank you very much, i truely appreciate it
  4. ok, well i am loving miranda... there is just 1 problem however.... everyonce in a while... it will kick me off of some of my clients. i use yahoo, msn, and aim..... now sometimes it is all of them, sometimes it is just 1, and sometimes it is 2.... i can change status to online and they will come back... just wondering 2 things a. what is happening, since they are online at one point, its not my firewall or nothing like that b. how can i fix this?
  5. lol... ok, well thank you kind sir... can i ask why it is impossible? for i have seen some people's screenshots with it in there, and they are on aim...... at any rate.... thank you so much for your response
  6. this, is not a big problem. but, it is a problem. in my chat window, (after switching themes) and switching my log.... i have a picture then a bubble, but the other person (where there should be a picture/icon thingy0 only has a red x...........where/what do i do or go to fix this? or is there another log out there that i should use that fixes this problem?
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