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  1. hey,what's your version of itunes? 6 or 7?
  2. I have the same problem. I 'm running itunes7 right now . Is it about the version?
  3. where? still " file not found" anyway, it is a awesome work
  4. hi ,im new here.i got some problem. I have some duplicates and dead entries in the library.I dont know how to remove them. is it the only way that I do it manually? That would be too awkward. Anyone could give some tips?
  5. I've also tried the avedesk 2,its frustrating too. It's really weird. Would it be the problem of my system?
  6. em,forgive me to bother... after i reinstall(repair) the itunes, everything turned OK now! I feel silly to post the problem,definitely not the fault of avetune. but the version 3 still conflictes with avedesk1.3. I dont know why,something must be done with my OS. so im using 2.6 now. anyway,happy now
  7. what's the version of your avedesk? Im using 1.3 after installing avetune3,the avedesk just crashed. so i can only install the 2.6 version,but it pop out a dialogue,saying"you seem to have the wrong version of itunes",and told me to update the itunes.
  8. seems it dont support the itunes 7
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