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  1. I just love you... i can´t wait to reach home and test this amazing skin. Good good good good job.
  2. And the oscar goes to BZ again!!!! The best Avetunes skin ever!!!
  3. You realized my dreams, now i shall became your sexual slave for all eternity... thanks. Amazing job. Nothing that bothers me, but everytime i "roll over" the mouse the albumart flickers with the animation... it´s normal, or i did something wrong??
  4. I second that request... and maybe, just maybe, if you find some spare time, align all the info texts (stars with then) on the right side, so we can align the entire widget on the right side of the monitor.
  5. Oh, maybe i´ve misundestood something (i hate my bad english)... lol... but, anyway, Duckie told something about this, and not only he, but everyone of us will be looking forward to that.
  6. Do you installed Flyakite 6.0?? If so, that´s the problem... take a look on FLyakite thread to find the solution... something about a problem with comctl32.dll that should be replaced with the original one. You can find the original on you c:\windows\_backup folder... pick comctl32.dll and not comctl32_1.dll or anithing like this. And replace the one in the System32 folder.
  7. A bird told me that Duckie is doing something like this to the Stickies (Notes). I guess the others will follow.
  8. I´ve losted myself among so many updates... just a clarification... that´s the last update? Should be downloaded by everyone or just for some skins?? Downloading this one would crap some skin??
  9. Civ2boss... just a hint... would be cool to make the frame inside (where is writen the info´s about song) rounded too... the drawer have rounded corners, just like have the album art, the inside, in my opinion, should have too. Anyway... looks very cool.
  10. BZ is THE man... Ave gives the tools... BZ creates the masterpiece.
  11. Amazing job Ave and BZ... BZ is one of my favorite skinners and that new iTunes Widget just opened amazing possiblities for the skinners.
  12. Here... 4,200K... CPU 0%~2%... 3 shotcuts with 128x128 icons; one recicle bin widget with 128x128 icon; Default FTP widget; Digital clock + digital CPU monitor; 4 panels weather widget; iTunes Widget with StonePiece skin. BTW... iTunes is running with a amazing Jethro Tull song.
  13. No problem... take your time, don´t rush into anything... knowing that you will do when you have the time get me happy enough by now. Thank BZ.
  14. Hey BZ, amazing skin ever. You know what i will ask, right sided glyphs... can be done (rolling eyes)? If you have some time, of course.
  15. BZ... any chance of a right sided gliphs one?? I have Windowblinds... but just don´t use because so many good skins are all left sided.
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