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  1. Aqua-Soft's always been a bit slow... And I've offered to team with NC to do a weekly roundup newspost (like the old days, heh), but the whole "news" side of things seems to be dead.
  2. Fosssi: looks like a standard Access Violation.
  3. Any word on the update on the GDI+ leak that Aleph pointed out? It's been especially bad for me because it leaks all over my second monitor... It says something that this is the first problem I have ever, ever had with MPlugin. Awesome job as always, Localhost!
  4. KoL's, which was taken down for being TOO good. Microsoft complained.
  5. /me huggles brand new 15" MacBook Pro. I can't believe I waited this long....
  6. And here's what I get for not checking A-S for a month. I'm an old hand, should help be needed I'll be here. I would be glad/honored to offer my services yet again. I'd like to add that the opinions offered by other fellow former newsies from above are definitely more than valid. Especially when the news falls behind for a few days, even thinking about sifting through everything to get a list of things to write about becomes a groan-worthy task. Don't even try to undertake it unless you're totally committed. There will be times when you'll be the only person carrying the whole team (at
  7. I wouldn't call that a logo, though, more of a banner. A logo would be JUST the icon you have, and MAYBE the textmark.
  8. Yes, geek.tech.nu has since expired and is no longer a functional website. And this thread was over 2 months old...
  9. Alright, Raduking, thanks for the clarification, the existence of the multimonitor checkbox made it look like the program was capable of multimonitor support and just not detecting it for some reason. Cool, great work as always.
  10. I wasn't aware that we tused tags here, Unbe... I always thought we just USED them?
  11. At the risk of sounding obstinate, I already have ObjectDock which works with multiple monitors, and that's not why I'm posting the question here.... I'm looking for solutions, not workarounds.
  12. Yeah, but: 1. My rig isn't good enough for me to actually care about the framerate. 2. That would still require me to shut down Rainmeter and RK Launcher 3. I would lose the ability to see what people are IMing me at the same time 4. At the rate I do all that I might as well just do what I'm doing now (closing RK Launcher and changing primary) which suddenly seems like far less of an inconvenience. Plus, workarounds should always be the last resort in programming. Unless you work for Microsoft.
  13. So I've been a happy user of RK Launcher for a good few months now and when I first loaded it up I noticed I couldn't switch monitors with it. I remember having this problem with Y'z Dock as well, where it would appear on whichever monitor I defined as my primary and the "Enable multimonitor support" checkbox was disabled. This wasn't much of a problem at the time, I just changed my primary monitor to what I actually consider to be my secondary monitor (with Gaim, Rainmeter, iTunes, and other misc programs) so RK Launcher would reside there, and my actual "primary" monitor, now set to be my
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