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  1. I can't drag & drop icons to change the position on the dock. For example if i want to move an icon to the left, before another one...
  2. Download link does not work regards,
  3. Sorry, but i can't understand what do you want to mean... Can u explain it better?? There is plans to add multiuser support in future releases of RK Launcher? Many thanks in advance, .:FiDo:.
  4. I want to use RK Launcher in a multi user environment, i need to assign different shortcuts in the docket for each user. How can it be done? Thanks in advance, .:FiDo:.
  5. RK Launcher 0.41 243 (Nightly built) Windows XP with SP2 and latest patches Flyakite 3.5 1Gb Ram Pentium IV 3.4Ghz Using this version URL links not working when using in docklets, for example, if i create a new docklet with this link http://www.google.es when i click over the doklet it doesn't do anything...
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