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  1. this topic is lovely. would love to see LEOPARD compatible programs you like to use. Since I am newbie to I don't have much to mention... my favs so far: - Liteicon - Appcleane http://www.freemacsoft.net/
  2. hi guys, I searched and loooked and i can"t find the answers, maybe you can help me. I would like to change SIDEBAR in the finder. I would love to have bigger source text... but i can;t find the way to change it. it seems like you can do it in iWeb, iPhoto but not in the Finder. and most important thing, £ sidebar again, i would love to see ICONS ONLY actually . and if possible to to make them bigger. Like Tiger finder thingie. and I have a problem also. I probably f233ed up somehting. when I want to change the ico, simply copy/paste thing on a get=info window, I can't se
  3. I hate edges, i have phobia of edges, i like rounded corners i am scared now. please tell me there is a way to make rounded corners in Leopard 10.5 . and also where are borders, why it's all so thin
  4. my FF 2.0 keep crashing too, it happens every day , sometimes few times a day. sometimes it's while i surf some Flash websites, sometimes .pdf is ther eason/ when it opens in new tab (i hate pdfs) ... and while i try to browse to the other tab while pdf is loading it crashes or stop responding and i need to kill it.... i updated flash/java/addons/FF itself too, it's all on autoupdate ... anyidea?
  5. isn't it all too Macintosh ??/ http://img366.imageshack.us/img366/4531/sc...sab230kw9ty.jpg HUGE PICTURE REMOVED. READ OUR RULES. -gnomexp
  6. I know it's agains rules to bump old topic, but i would ask the similar question, so better this way i hope?? is there anyone out there who solve this mistery (sharing setting between dualboots)? if i buy Intel based PC (can i isntall OSX and Vista (or XP)..so i can boot OS i need in particular moment?? this thing was something it thout it is apsolutely normal and possible, like with linux and Xp, but someone told me it is impossible, since Intel and Mac decided to destroy M$ sooner or later, so this is one of chances to disable dualboot .... //probably stupid question... is it possible t
  7. thanks AC/DC, bad news but at least i know i need to buy new puter i guess i will buy Intel based PC (don't have much money to buy an Apple) ... what is the configuraten you would say would be good but not very expencive... something like (MB (intel with graphic card ...can it use Aero AND INSTALL mACos TOO...)??
  8. i have: nvidia geforce4 mx 440 with agp8x can you experts tell me will i be able to do something to make Aero works on me computer..pweez is there any chance that some drivers will pop in soon for this card version ? if you know something please help me. thanks
  9. I'm about to reinstall system, i'm in a mess, sorry if theres already explanation around. please help me out how to export all adons i have so i can't bring them all back when i install new system and new firefox. thanks very much
  10. hi Mackish friends, i found this i thought some of you might like it. I really do. http://www.vitalsource.com/index/bookshelf for Mac & Windowz
  11. i'm almost sure that even those not that important sites have it..i will try to find some..that's why i even start thinking about it... i would think myself that only big important sites have it but i have seen some in the past (or i was drunk
  12. if you enter key word :answers, you get answers.com and plus more links from this site..(i've seen it with so many websites) .. more or less commercial so i guess it's more trick than something you need to pay to have displayed).... so i am wondering, is there any trick like adding the page with links that can be read by Google spiders only or something...???! thanks this one it happened to be .jsf file..but i've seen .html too and others Google key words: apple, mtv and so on...
  13. title is %Artist - %Name MP 2.4 exe files are in itunes folder..when i run any of exe you've attached nothing happening.. hmmm i have win XP sp2 maybe that's a prob..itunes is latest one... //edit do i need to put these4 .exe files in some specific folder or they should work anyways no matter where they are? i tried everything i am lost ehhh ----- [update:] WOooooohoOOOOOoo IT WORKS Thank you LocalHost I guess I changed into MODE 2 (fix media keys function) and MP 2.5 update installed (nice features bytheway). thank you very much.you're God Do you have beard? sitti
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