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  1. Firstly thanks to all who was used this applications. But please be NOTED: ICL-Builder is a BETA version, and not fully tested - but work. It will be realised to public later.
  2. There will be questions under the program - set, I shall necessarily respond. And more, if is necessary to you the program for creation of ICL-libraries (themes for Folderico) from separate ICO-files you can try other my freeware utility " ICL Builder " (244 Kb) (but there are is only Beta-version) http://computer-arts.info/forum/showthread.php?t=967
  3. Very small part of the program on the average about 50-200 KB (depends by Windows) it will be constant is in memory is a context menu. However after the certain time interval and this part will be unloaded from memory. This part is requid to quickly display context menu, but it do not work in background (cpu usage is 0%) And other part is invoked only at change of an icon. This is a normal situation for all context menu extenders, for example context menu from WinRAR, WinZIP, any Antivirus have item to check selected directory. To display custom icons of folders is used builtin Windows mech
  4. Thanks for responses. I hope this program to you it will be useful.
  5. Version 3.5 ( 7 jule 2006 ) Main window Context menu in Explorer Changes from version 3.3 ! Absolutely new more easy use user interface. + Added feature to rebuild icon cache. + Now you may select theme for Folderico toolbar. + Now icon of folder chanded immediately after apply. + Added feature to install icl-themes from dialog "Select Icon for selected folder" with help of GUI. + Now in dialog "Select Icon for Folders" icons drawed in two sizes 32 and 16 px. + When you select menu "Select custom icon..." now opened not main dialog, in
  6. Sorry for unavailability of my site, on few time I'm sign new host on new hoster and site was moved to it. Thanks for all who was using this applications. Were glad to see you.
  7. to: I hope the given program to you it will be useful. Thanks for use of the program.
  8. The site has been simply overloaded, excuse. It is possible to download from a mirror: English page: please see on of last posts, because links was changed
  9. FrontMotion Login is the next generation logon interface for Windows NT, 2000 and Windows XP. It goes beyond the normal Microsoft Windows logon and offers more interactivity and functionality through the use of Macromedia Flash and our custom logon implementation (gina). No DLL hacking is needed and no system files are replaced. Free for personal use. see http://www.frontmotion.com/FMLogin/index.htm License : Open Source
  10. Folder2MyPC 1.7.5 1.7.5 ( 10 may 2006 ) - FIX * Fixed: if you using two monitors happens is the following: If I start Folder2MyPC it is centered in the middle of the two monitors (half on monitor 1 and half on monitor 2). Now started on the center of current monitor. + Now contains languages: Arabic, Dutch, EspaŠ“ol, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Turkish, Ukrainian English page: please see on of last posts, because links was changed
  11. Folder2MyPC 1.7.4 * Fixed error - on most PC Folder2MyPC do not show dialog to select icon in "Edit application shotcut" and in "Edit Folder Shotcut". + Now contains languages: - English, French, Russian, Arabic, PortugueseBR, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Turkish, Ukrainian You may download this application from: please see on of last posts, because links was changed
  12. Thanks, Do I'm can include it firstly on a site, and then in the next version ?
  13. Thanks for all, who use this software, and who was help me to improve it and make a translation. (sorry for my English)
  14. Thanks for your translation.
  15. Thanks, Do I'm can include it firstly on a site, and then in the next version ?
  16. Thanks, Yes, if you have time, simply Simply open Template_To_Translate.ini and in lines after a sign equally ("=") write a correct variant, in those lines where there is a mistake, it is possible to not fill other lines. Well and if not so it is a lot of mistakes, it is possible also a plain text.
  17. Thanks, If you can, send translation to me to include it firstly on a site, and then in the next version by your sanction certainly.
  18. Because my old free hosting is not good, site was copyed to http://www.shedko.by.ru/en/soft/f2mpc.htm
  19. Folder2MyPC 1.9 For many computer users the My Computer window is the first step in finding a folder. Folder2MyPC allows you to add favourite locations to be added to this window. The interface is very simple to use and it is possible to browse for a folder to add to My Computer, rather than having to remember it exactly. A custom icon can be used to make the folder more distinctive. Links are not restricted to folders on the computer as it is also possible to create shortcuts for software in My Computer in some Control Panel categories. By help of this utility you can add any f
  20. Thanks, do i'm was include this translation in next realise. And do i'm was contact to you, when new version is ready and was new string to translate. Please write me to [email protected]
  21. (Sorry for my English, but my languages is Russian and Belarusian) May be in next versions. (idea good) But at present the basic purpose was in that having created elements, to the given program it was possible to not run app and even to remove it, without loss of functionality before the created folders. Also the purpose to not borrow memory was put.
  22. Try and tell that you think of this program. Whether it is necessary to develop it further?
  23. Folder2MyPC 1.6.4 By help of this utility you can add any folders in My Computer or any Application to My Computer and/or any category of Control Panel The main features: - Easy changing and removing of any created item. - A choice of type of a created shortcut: the Explorer opened in the same window or in new, - An opportunity of a choice of an alternative icon for a folder and application - It is possible to create folders for the current user or for all users in system, - Program loading for display of new folders is not required, after creation of necessary folders you may do not run th
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