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  1. Thanks you for use also excuse for some inconveniences at downloading, it is simple is made so that the traffic from a paid hosting " did not leave on left (traffic leach) ".
  2. Some user report problemm, that icons do not appear: FOR EXAMPLE ONE OF LETTER In the first, try to restart Windows, all the case is that these Badges will appear only after restart Windows. If you have already made it, but badges all the same have not appeared, unpack enclosed archive " re_register.zip " in a folder with the program and start appeared "install.bat" - this file will make a re-registration of all components of the program in your system, upon termination of performance the inquiry about addition of changes in the register will be deduced, respond "Yes". After all it ag
  3. To download from http://eng.softq.org/Folder2mypc simply click on link on this page, and do not open it on new tab/window and download begin. And also sometimes not corrected settings of Outpost will break download.
  4. New version: Version history: 1.8 ( 12 august 2006 ) ! Folder2MyPC in Unicode, now Folder2MyPC show symbols of your language in any Windows edition if you install support for your language ( for example, requied for Armenian, Greek and Arabic languages on Russian Windows ) + Added feature to enable/disable Standart Windows folders in folder "My Computer" + Now created items on most pc will be sorted by Title in Explorer. ( 7 jule 2006 ) - Now native language name show before ini-filename in language select-tab - fixed some error spelling erro
  5. Small update. Whats new in version 3.6 ( 12 august 2006 ) ! Folderico in Unicode, now Folderico show symbols of your language in any Windows edition if you install support for your language ( for example, requied for Armenian, Greek and Arabic languages on Russian Windows ) + Added feature to Add / Delete "Install Theme" menu item for IconLibraries in Explorer menu. + Added Armenian translation. * Fixed: positioning of buttons "+" and "-".
  6. 1.0 RC2 ( 12 august 2006 ) + Added context menu to select badges from Explorer menu. + Now you can Enable/Disable Context menu and Property page integration in to the shell. + Added feature to translate Badges to your language. + Included languages: English (my bad english) + Russian. * Fixed: not correct including of drives to the invalid list. Download please one of the next post, because new version is realised
  7. Firstly thanks for all who was use this application. Please check your PC for viruses, because this dll used to connect to internet, but Badges do not use this dll. Or other application was replace your mpr.dll to another - use system restore or file checker. And Badges do not hook this dll and do not replace it.
  8. Yes, certainly, this your business. But it is simple at me such "adjusted" folders about 100 folders, and that after change of the next theme of icons- to change all " in manual ", - well is not present to me. Also I use for a mark files which demand consideration in the near future.
  9. Shedko Badges 1.5 Imagine a program, which will forever change your notion of desktop icons. A program, which in a blink of an eye will assist you in searching lost files or imperceptible folders. A program, so simple and clear to use, and in the same time functional and innovative. Shedko Software in association with Va-deam’s Lab presents "Badges". Badges - the program, allowing placing handy emblems upon familiar Windows icons. From now there is no need to invent sophisticated file names, to drag icons to different corners of the screen or to seek new ico-files for having fast ac
  10. VS name is "Luna (Longhorn Revolution)", And it is not so obligatory after that to use this program
  11. Version 3.5 ( 7 jule 2006 ) Main window Context menu in Explorer Changes from version 3.3 ! Absolutely new more easy use user interface. + Added feature to rebuild icon cache. + Now you may select theme for Folderico toolbar. + Now icon of folder chanded immediately after apply. + Added feature to install icl-themes from dialog "Select Icon for selected folder" with help of GUI. + Now in dialog "Select Icon for Folders" icons drawed in two sizes 32 and 16 px. + When you select menu "Select custom icon..." now opened not main dialog, in
  12. Those who possesses a sufficient set of knowledge uses ResHacker. And who does not know that such ResHaker, my personal opinion, - they and do not need to change icons in shell32.dll, to use IconPackager from StarDock is better or IconTweaker is easier and more safely And if, something will go not so those who applied icons by help of ResHaker will know what to do. But those who for replacement of icon-resources would use Future-Folderico - would not know what to do.
  13. Sorry, but at this moment I'm do not plane add this feature, because it is not absolutely safe. Specially for fans of interface MacOS special edition from interfaces in style MacOS has been let out : Folderico 3.4 VLT Special Edition This version was made special for Va-deam’s Lab Tiger 2.0 Transformation Pack, this pack you may see published on this forum but if you need, you may dounload Folderico 3.4 VLT Special Edition separately from this pack, to download please see http://eng.softq.org/node/16 Screenshot (but if you apply MasOC Theme to your Windows it will be mor
  14. Folderico 3.3 What new in 3.3 ! WWW-site of application is moved to www.softq.org + Now You may choose how to install icon to folder: - extract icon from theme to standalone file or - do not extract and use link to theme. + Now in theme dialog you can create theme with your shell icons. + desktop.ini and icon-file now have attributes Hidden + System + Context menu now capable to display up to 332 icons, in previos version this value is 176. + Dialog for language selection ready for translation. * Fixed mistake: Language selection dialog now show on center of active monitor. You may
  15. This font is UNICODE - all charsets. Well, all the same thanks, I hope sometime all the same I can use your program.
  16. Yes, I'm have installed font "lucida grande". Do you create temporary files with symbols from your language ? if you use non eglish symbols in unicode functions in my russian os this will be convrted to russian, but on disk will be with different name.
  17. The resolution of the display: 1024 x 768 The folder in which is established the program: D:SM Just in case the maintenance of my file Configuration.DT : [Configuration Sarah Media] [Dossiers] [images] D:PicturesBelarus [musique] D:UmOrVideo [DVD] powerdvd.exe [stay Desktop Technologies] 0 [DVD Param] t: [update i-Tunes list] 1 [sounds] 1 [4 icons Speed] 0,02
  18. I'm install your apllication in to c:sm but when i'm start it, occurred error, see attachment. do you may solve this problem ? I'm have: - WinXP SP2 Russian, - iTunes
  19. Now I'm was moved to paid hosting, and as result more quickly page loading and site available to users up to 99,9 % of time. English page: http://eng.softq.org/folderico Russian page http://softq.org/folderico
  20. Try reapply icon for folder. Then, if it will not help, try open 'shedkofolderico3_******ico' from this folder with any icon editor and if this file is corrupted, then please send to me ICL-theme. If ico-file is not corrupted, then check than desktop.ini have at least following lines [.ShellClassInfo] IconFile=ShedkoFolderico3_*****.ico (name of icon) IconIndex=0 ConfirmFileOp=0 If and with this file OK most likely the problem consists in a cache of icons, i.e. it is necessary to reset it. And still, whether the folder has attributes Read-only + System ?
  21. For such purposes it is better to use such utilities as IconTweaker (freeware) - www.icontweaker.com or Stardock IconPackager (Shareware) - www.stardock.net May be I'm do not understand your problemm (my English is very very bad) But there a mini tutorial to apply standalone icon to any folder: 1. Select folder to customize. 2. Invoke contex menu and select FoldericoSelect Custom Icon ... 3. In dialog press button "Select Icon..." 4. Now we click button with folder image on it 5. In standart open-dialog select icon 6. Now we select it, and press "Apply"
  22. As some users had problems with my old site there was open new site: Page of application: http://shedko.computer-arts.info/en/soft/folderico.htm Page of additional languages http://shedko.computer-arts.info/en/soft/fi/langs.htm
  23. As some users had problems with my old site there was open new site: English pages http://shedko.computer-arts.info/en/soft/f2mpc.htm or Russian page http://shedko.computer-arts.info/ru/soft/f2mpc.htm Page with additionnal languages: http://shedko.computer-arts.info/en/soft/f2mpc/langs.htm
  24. Thanks to all for use of the given utility. And also state wishes - I shall try to add the requested features.
  25. Folderico 3.2.1 Small update of Folderico Whats new in: 3.2.1 ( 27 may 2006 ) + in context menu added item "Reset icon" to quick reset icon of folder Page of application: http://shedko.computer-arts.info/en/soft/folderico.htm or http://www.shedko.by.ru/en/soft/folderico.htm Links to download: http://shedko.by.ru/soft/down/folderico321.zip or from Rapidshare http://rapidshare.de/files/21559968/folderico321.zip.html
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