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  1. Idea by Salvo Nicolosi:

    I resume the typical situation I have. I've got a BIG folder called "albums" in which there are 100's of subfolders, each one containing an album (mp3).

    For each of them I've got one file inside called folder.jpg with the album cover: in XP this is enough to get the thumbnail.

    But the folder preview is a jpg and does not appear when you swich to "details", "icons" or "titles" view... right?

    So the idea is to to generate a "custom icon" for each folder FROM folder.jpg.

    Screen-shot of application:


    Example of use ( Windows Vista )



    Example of use ( Windows XP, © Salvo Nicolosi )


    Uses :

    png2ico ( OpenSource )

    Copyright © 2000-2003 by Matthias Benkmann


    topng ( freeware )

    Copyright © bcheck.net


    Please be notifed this is a beta-version.

    Download: ( png2ico and topng is included in zip )

    Windows: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista

    Status: Freeware

    http://rapidshare.com/files/33006888/folderJpg2Ico.zip ( 519 Kb )

  2. Doesnt Work for folders in german 32bit vista. Folders are created, but nothings happens when click on them. Applications works fine....

    - Firstly try run utility with admin rights. ( i'm will try to remove requipments to admin right, but may be on your PC, your login is very limited in rights)

    If this do not help you.

    Please make backup of created forlders (open tab "Edit/Delete" than press button "Backup/Restore..." and in opened dialog press "Backup all". Than please send to me file "backup.ini" from Folder2MyPC folder. As you can see this is a simply text-file and do not contains any private date.

  3. Not good. When any developer restricts use to only Vista he runs chance of his efforts being dismissed. Vista Sux and most peeps already know this, plus good developers don't totally exclude XP users like microsoft abandoned 98/Me.

    This used to be interesting app but now looks is only ported to crappy Vista. Not good at all. Peeps watch for moves like this.

    If you need version for Win2k and WinXp you always may download version 1.8.5. This version at this time is more functional than 1.9 =)

    Download: 417 Kb


  4. 1.9 ( 10 may 2007 )

    + Now work on Windows Vista.

    + All open-dialogs was use Vista-style.

    + Changed some minor aspects of interface to be more vista-like.

    + Images of toolbar now use 32-bit color png-images.

    - Now aplication do not support Windows 2000 and Windows Xp, only Windows Vista.

    - Removed some unused options, to make interface more user-friendly.

    - Removed feature to enable/disable standart windows folders from folder"Computer".


    Example of use:



    Size: 515 Kb



  5. logo15rx3.png

    1.5 ( 8 february 2007 )

    + Added new extension to Windows Explorer : Badges Column.

    + Context menu: added support for multi-selection, so one apply badge to multiple objects simentanously.

    + Context menu: Now badge chanded immediately after apply.

    + PropertyPage: fully recoded, new GUI.

    + PropertyPage: added support for multi-selection, so one apply badge to multiple objects simentanously.

    + Property Page : selection indicator changed from text to icon.

    + Manager: Added feature to open selected file/folder in Explorer from Badges Manager.

    + Manager: Added feature to Rebuilt icon-cache.

    + Manager: added feature to select color scheme for badges-, languages-, themes-lists.

    + Manager: added feature to select color-appearance of lists and toolbar.

    + Manager: in status bar now showing information about library, when you was open Library tab.

    - Manager: removed notice about changed library, now it will be reloaded without notice.

    + Common: Added feature to separate library of badges on multi-user computer for each user.

    * Common: Updated some graphical elements of application.

    + Common: now toolbar, language, colors and some other options is may be separate for each user.

    + Common: settings and base now stored under "Documents and Settings" folder.

    * Fixed: sometimes Explorer crash with error 126, usualy at shutdown.

    + Many small improvements.


    from RapidShare.de ( 1,8 MB )

    from softq.org

  6. I'm having a random error that occurs every once and awhile. Usually occurs when I go to delete a file/folder in explorer.

    I get this message.

    AppName: explorer.exe AppVer: 6.0.2900.2180 ModName: badges~2.dll

    ModVer: Offset: 00001ac7

    I've done clean installs with a clean registry but, the problem still exists.

    Attached is the report file.

    Any help or idea is greatly appreciated.

    Sorry for later answer. ( week-ends :-) )

    as a first method try create in notepad file "un_hook.cmd" with one line

    regsvr32.exe /u /s filesho.dll

    and run this file. This will disable hooking IO-operations (delete/move files/folders). This may be prevent error occurred on your PC.

    At some days I'm will review code and try find why on your PC this error is occurred.

  7. 1.0.1 Final ( 10 october 2006 )

    + General: realised featured theme Mellow by Va-Deam's Lab.

    + Manager: Fixed drawning of selected items.

    + Manager: if you add/delete badger outside manager, manager will be reload library.

    + Manager: selected language will be marked with arrow.

    + Manager: selected theme will be selected when open theme-page.

    + Manager: more correct procedure to checking theme while install new theme.

    + Manager: headers of library-table now support Themes on WindowsXP.

    + Property Page: selected badget will be warked with "[]".

    + Context menu: selected badget will be warked with "[]".

    + Context menu: added context menu to Drives.

    * Added support to Armenian language.

    + Many other small improvements and bug-fixes.


    http://rapidshare.de/files/36154867/..._0_1_final.zip ( 1,8 MB )

    and also you may download from


    To see more details please open:


  8. Yeah the software works on folders and files..

    Because badges is showing on folders - there are no reasons to do not show badges on drives, because for this application Drive - is a simply folder.

    Please try add "manually" badge to any drive.

    For it open "base.ini" from application folder and at the end of this file add new line


    This will place 1 icon "Certifield" to drive "D"


    If you have time, please try reinstall this application. But please install to new folder. This will rerigester all dll-s on your system. May be there occurred error while setup is running and not all DLLs was registered on your PC.

  9. In the properties of my drives.. theres only "General" ,"Tools", "Hardware", "Sharing"..

    no tab as "Badges" .. :( I checked that option from your soft..but still.. I guess i wont be able to put badges in drives..

    OK. Firstly sorry for this inconvenience.

    Open notepad, create new file, in this new file pastle one line

    regsvr32.exe /s AdvProp.dll

    then save this file as install.bat in application folder. This command will reregister property-page on your system. Try open drive proprties.

    If this page is do no appeared, then you always may add "manually" badge to any file/folder/drive.

    For it open "base.ini" from application folder and at the end of this file add new line


    This will place 1 icon "Certifield" to drive "C"

    Use this way.

    And please tell me wath is your OS, and do this page is showing on folders ?

  10. OK.

    Firstly open options in Badges manager


    Then check option "Add a tab to Properties dialog for all system objects" and press "Apply"

    Now open Explorer,

    select disk, right click on it and in apearred context menu select "Properties", now you can see Properties dialog, in this dialog please select page "Badges"


    An double click on badge to set-up.

  11. Hey.. Im facing a problem.. when right click any folder/file i get an option " Badges " where i select my badge..but the option on right click "badges" aint coming for my drives.. in My Computer.

    Can anyone help please?

    In this version context menu do not showing on drives (because some problems wll occurred, and I'm disable context menu for Drives.

    But to setup badges on drives you may open property dialog of disk, and in this dialog you may see page badges. With help of this page you may put badge on any disk.

  12. Hi again LeVeL..

    Thanks for update.. But, why don't edit for tab captions ?

    Simply because in this version "strings" was changed,

    Please see "Template_to_translate.txt" in "langs" folder, at the end of this file you may see new string-lines that was introduced in this version

    Scrap from this file

    ;ver 1.8




    Folders in My Computer: ( for all users )=

    Folders in My Computer: ( for current user)=


    .... and other

    Copy lines below string "; ver 1.8" to file of your language and edit it.

    Note: "/n" - used as line break.

  13. Hello to all.

    If you have non-english version of Windows, but if you wish to see Sarah Media, frontrow clone in action, then

    1.please open your Control Panel

    2. Open Regional Settings

    3. And change your regional settings from your language (for example Russian) to English

    4. Now You may see this application in action.

    Source page, where I'm see this tip (russian language),


    Author of this idea is a AleXS.

  14. 1.0 RC 5 ( 31 august 2006 )

    + Manager: sign "!" drawing after number.

    + Property page: Allow translate caption of page.

    + Manager: added sorting by clicking of column-header.

    + Manager: added feature to Add/Delete themes from Themes library.

    + Manager: added feature to create special Packed theme for Distribution.

    + Manager: added drag-and-drop feature to install themes.

    + Common: added shell association for special theme-files (sbz).

    + Installer: detection of previous installed version and promt to uninstall it.

    * Fixed Manager: "Add Context Menu to Shell" - correctly readed.

    * Fixed Manager: setup new theme if previous theme is corrupted.

    * Fixed Manager: context menu "Delete Selected' do not work.

    + Common: some spelling corections.

    + Other small improvements and bug-fixes.


    http://rapidshare.de/files/31485577/badges_1.0.RC5.zip ( 1,3 MB)

  15. Thanks.

    I will let you know if I find out anything elsewhere.

    Edit: There are only 15 slots available for overlays, right from the SDK

    Thanks, on most systems with WindowsXP there a 5 system overlay icons. :( I.e. for my purposes almost always remains only 10 icons.

  16. Been browsing the Shell SDK

    & can't find anything about limitations. Could you point me in the right direction. Thanks in advance. :)

    Yes, this is what I do for fun.

    When I wrote this program - I'm could not understand why some icons simply do not showing. In alfa version there a 25 icons, but then by experimentation was by found out, that on the average on the PC it is displayed 10-11 icons, and only on some PC can be up to 16.

    In the MSDN itself this restriction did not see, I shall repeat, it is found out experimentation by on many computers.

  17. Hi Level, thanks for a great and continually improving app.

    I just wanted to share an idea with you. I think this app would be even more useful as well as appeal to a wider range of people, if you could allow people to create their own categories of badges, from within the app. That means they could create new, and more categories than the 11 currently supported, as well as being able to choose which icons/symbols to use for a particular category.

    I don't know if it's even possible, but please tell me what you think.

    Yes this all is good, but on the unknown reson to me, the technology which I use for creation of these badges from Microsoft (as arrows on shortcuts, the hand at shared files) does not allow to display more than 10-11 badges simultaneously.

    I'm will try find way to "unlock" this "magic number", but at this moment on most PC was only 10-11 badges, but on some up to 16. :confused:

    At version 1.1 (final) I'm will add feature to rename categories.

    And also, you may always create your theme, this is very easy:

    1. In folder "themes" create new folder "Your theme name"

    2. Place in this folder 11 icons.

    3. Its all ;)

  18. Number 5 (distinguished) badge isn't visible. Appears in Manager + base.ini file but, not visible in any explorer view. Wasn't working in RC3 also.

    My System:

    XP Sp2 1g sdram

    Yes, this occurred on some systems ( on my PC, for example).

    I'm will try fix this mistake, but this is a limitation of used technology. Microsoft reduce 3d-party overlays icons to 10, but on some PC work up to 16, but on another only 10. In final version I'm will try find solution to "unloсk" this limitation.

  19. Shedko Badges Relise Candidate 4

    Now I'm will publish more stable version, that do not requie old versions.

    1.0 RC 4 ( 23 august 2006 ) - Bug fix version

    + Manager: Added context menu to sorting of items in library.

    * FIXED: now all dll will be registered on all PC. :-)

    You may download this pre-final version from:

    From rapidshare.de

    http://rapidshare.de/files/30402507/shedko_badges_rc4.zip ( 1,2 MB)

    Or from application page:


  20. Shedko Badges RC 3

    1.0 RC 3 ( 21 august 2006 )

    + Manager: Now window position was saved and restored from settings.ini

    + Manager: On lines with invalid badges now showing symbol '!'

    + Manager: on Library page items now have more small height and small (14 px) icon.

    + Manager: Now on right side of theme selection page you may see information about theme.

    + Manager: Added feature to delete badges in manager.

    + Manager: Now for drawing theme preview in manager used special 50x50 icon format.

    + Manager: Added feature to choose theme for toolbar.

    + Property page: is ready for translation.

    + Property page: icons now uses alfa blending.

    + Property page: "Reset" icon now placed as 1-st icon.

    + Property page: used special 50x50 icon format from icon.

    + Property page: button "Reset" replaced by icon "Reset"

    + Context menu: Removed symbol '-'.

    + Context menu: used special 14x14 icon format from icon.

    * FIXED: installer do not corectly register all dlls on most system and as result badges is not work.

    + Other small improvements and bug-fixes.


    if you need downloading with resume feature, you may download this application from official page:


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