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  1. Updated, go to the first post for info & download
  2. Thanks to those who like it The startbuttons are for the daring ppl how want to hack a version with stylebuilder.
  3. Metallurgy is a hyper-sleek Magnesium interface with Boron buttons & inlay! I wasn't sure about going grey since TiSkin was just released, but decided to anyway. But as they say, black & grey is always in fasion... (press to go to DeviantART) The package contains: normal & compact startmenu versions 3 font variations (Verdana, Tahoma & Lucida Grande) Yz Dock background Extra startbuttons (Apple & Windows Flag) & startbutton PSD Enjoy!
  4. Just want to give a heads-up Here is a little screenshot showing some of the stuff This one is very close to release
  5. Thanks everybody, I'm glad to see you are enjoying the port @Blade: Muhahahaha - what the hell else is a port supposed to be :moon:
  6. Rejoyce! I finally got around to finishing the Milk 2.0 port - phew 2 months of intermittent work on this baby KoL's Winamp skin pushed me the last bit (Thanks!). The port is as true to the original OS X theme by Max Rudberg as possible. Max was even so helpful as to sending me a ton of graphics to work with! Most of the graphical elements have generously been provided by Max to make this port as true as possible! The package contains: * Normal & Minimal startmenu versions * Milk, Chrome Milk, Chocolate Milk & Chocolate Chrome Milk * Verdana, Tahoma & Lucida Grande
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