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  1. Preview/Download Comes with 2 styles - centered and right. To change between the two edit LockScreen.html Also includes 'Tap Unlock' image Thanks to PunkRockTuba @ MacThemes for his help with the character images. Requires ClockHide from Cydia.
  2. Did you move the original taskbar to the top? Finderbar works by taking a screenshot of your taskbar and then overlaying itself on top (sort of). So you have to have your taskbar on the top before you it or it won't capture correctly. I am not sure of this so correct me if I'm wrong.
  3. Also, you can use the keyboard shortcut Alt+F4.
  4. Your welcome. What do you mean "How to coverflow"?
  5. I don't use that plug-in, and I actually know nothing about it haha. It may be possible, but there is nothing specifically built in for it. That is possible, it will take a bit of coding but I can do it when I have some free time. I'm glad you like it
  6. The first problem sounds like an issue with your video card drivers. Try updating your drivers. As far as adding media files to your library, do the following: To create an autoplaylist with all of your music, open up the preferences and go to 'Media Library' > 'Album List' then click 'Activate Album List window / Media Library View' and right click 'All Music' and choose 'Create Autoplaylist'
  7. That is just a skin setting I believe. If you go to 'Display Properties' > 'Appearance' and click 'Advanced' you can edit minor properties of the skin. For a small titlebar choose the 'Item' called 'Active Title Bar' and make it as small as possible.
  8. Yes I did I foxed it in the description and readme. IMPORTANT! In the last package the album art playlist was broken. Please re-download
  9. @Church Punk: How are you launching the program? If it is from a dock make sure the work folder is the dame folder the program is in (I had this mixed up for a while and a the images woldn't show) Other than that, I don't know. It way be a Windowblinds error. I know that the panel stack splitter component sometimes draws images in their hovered state. Does it happen every time? Thank you everyone for your support!
  10. I updated the readme with installation instructions. The instructions are also at DeviantArt. If you need anymore clarification I will be glad to help.
  11. I went ahead and released it. I hope you all enjoy it.
  12. Download: http://nrossow.deviantart.com/art/iTunes-f...r2000-114611164 iTunes v1.0 for foobar2000 created by nrossow credits - raatsgui (layout buttons) - kwilliams (bottom bar buttons) NOTES Please read the READ ME. It is actually important. Works best with a Leopard visual style. Thanks to kwilliams and raatsgui for their images. The components belong to those who created them. QUESTIONS or COMMENTS email me at: [email protected]
  13. @Church Punk: NO, sadly it doesn't. On start-up it uses anywhere form 60 to 80mb. However, if you minimize it then restore it, it uses anywhere form 20 to 50mb. @Kamil: Yes they are WSH panels. I modified codes I took from other layouts (just the math functions though), so I don't know what the copyright issues are. If As far as enough people, I think there are enough. However, unless there are more, I don't know how willing I will be to take suggestions and make serious modifications. Most of the images used are cut from screen shots of iTunes. Am I allowed to share these? If not, who do I
  14. @The iApple: Coffee you would enjoy drinking i hope @Kamil: Thanks! I updated the first post with with component list. What a better time to upgrade to 0.9.6
  15. This is a preview. If enough people are interested, I may release it. As of now it has the following functions: -coverflow -album/artist/genre graphic browsing -browsing by album/artist/genre (shown) -album art display for 'Now Playing' and 'Selected Item' -shuffle/repeat/default playback buttons -volume slider -seekbar -rotating album/artist in playing window -columns and album art playlist modes (browsing mode only) -search bar -now playing panel with lyrics -and more little features... I would like to hear feedback (suggestions, improvements, critiques) If there is intere
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