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  1. click on image to download at dA Adel Wallpaper Set | Widescreen 1920 x 1200 Resolution 8 Color Variation - Pink - Purple - Purple Pink - Lime - Gold - Desat Blue - Aqua .PSD file included.
  2. click to download at dA Click here for fullview
  3. it's been ages since i posted a screeshot click for full view details at dA
  4. comments are always welcome click to download at dA
  5. - Click on the image to download Digital Gecko - 2 Color Variation - 2 Different Styles - Fullscreen And Widescreen Resolutions comments are welcome.
  6. Theme: aqua inspirat wallpaper : phsycopulse - phsysosexy wallpaperpack 6 rihanna (personal mod) icons: ekisho,maji SE, cats, lutetium drives apps: istat menu, istat pro (personal mod), adium.
  7. some earthy colors click for fullview at dA
  8. Credits and download at dA click on the image to download please be kind i'm still a noob with photoshop
  9. theme: disingenious by susumu icons: cats aluminium by susumu wallpaper: hummingbird by me. (Not released yet)
  10. Not Safe For Work theme: aqua inspirat by stefanka (Gold desat Mod by Me) icons: quicklook, micro, leopard reflections wallpaper: somewhere from dA
  11. NFSW theme: aqua inspirat blue wallpaper: from phsyco sexy wallpack icons: leopard reflections, micro n optimus prime long time no screenshot.... comments pls....
  12. click for fullview at dA wallpaper by angelo975 - widescreen resize by me theme sumanicolies by clarkkent/kal-el84 - recolored by me icons blend and mixed
  13. Click on the image for fullview n details at DA
  14. clickie for fullview at dA haven't posted in quite a while
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