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  1. I hope this helps... http://www.southbaypc.com/AutoSizer/ Nice little program I use to keep my game (ran in window mode) from overlapping my start bar. Freeware as far as I know too.
  2. Holy Cow! Please for the love of all things tangarine...release this in orange!
  3. I negative first this idea bringing the tally back down to a third. :naughty:
  4. These are great! Any chance you could release a set of graphite/green/orange to match aluminium alloy? Very nice.
  5. Alright, well I don't post much but Holy Cow I have to now. Why do you have to decide what the "best" show is? Truth is, ATHF, Futurama, Space Ghost, Beavis and Butthead, Ren and Stimpy, Southpark, Simpsons, King of the Hill, Sealab, etc. all have their place. I don't really care when people say "I dont like ____" but when you try and make some vague argument that ____ is better than ____ it's pretty retarded. It's like me saying: "Mexican food is the best food....Italian is crap." Anyways, aren't we lucky we can watch all of it? As far as ATHF goes...I love the show, and I do think
  6. This is such a great theme and a really great port! I just have one bug Ieub! When I maximize a window, the window will not fully maximize. Instead, it leaves a small gap (the same size gap as if you don't lock the taskbar) between the maximized window and the taskbar. If ANYONE knows a fix for this, please let me know! Maybe it's something simple I could even edit...but so far I haven't had any luck. Thanks for any help all
  7. Awsome Awsome Work! :woot: It's soooo smooth! Once/If you create a way to hide menu's in the windows and display them on the bar...this is going to knock the socks off of OB. Nice solid chuck 'o' software...I suggest everyone try it!
  8. 1 set down....1000 to go. I need an entire desktop full of this style. wow. Amazing! O, THANKS for making that orange drive!
  9. Wow...Incredible! I have a color request! how about three based on the Aluminium Alloy theme? so silver and blue/green/orange? Awsome Icons!
  10. That is freakin awsome. Please release other colors (orange to match AA volcanic)! wow. :woot:
  11. Just a shameless bump of my updated post. :naughty: :staffs here:
  12. Hey All, Needing a Windowblind Developer and/or a Graphic Artist for further work on a WB theme concept. Thus far I have taken the idea to Smoke who has helped me flesh out mockup's and provided some already great graphic work. Smoke being the busy and highly demanded developer he is however, wouldn't have time to complete a project like this for a good while. Therefore he is allowing me to run with what exists now...including his mockup...and make an attempt to speed the theme along. (You Rock Smoke! :rock:) So if you're a NES-Aholic and have skills in WB Developing or Graphic's,
  13. I also have the problem. Happens on two different computers...is there a way to report it to Moby? Does he still work on the dock?
  14. Go get your drivers here. http://www.omegacorner.com
  15. Damn those are nice! I sure would like to see some like those with the orange/yellow fade with maybe a red/orange fade (give them a little darker feel). I love how they all look like scenes from a zombie movie. The whole calm before the storm. Very Nice.
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