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  1. Tried it too. However I stick to RUNME because XWDock may have beautiful graphics but on my powerful computer it lags, hangs, pauses and never really *flows* as quickly as others. (win 7 x64 12Gb i7).I believe that it's not developed anymore as 2.0.3 is quite old now, maybe that's why it's not updated to fix all sort of bugs mentioned.
  2. Hi Ksoft this is one nice software, I keep returning to it every time (even now with my vista64 it runs perfect). My only wish is to have it filter hidden/system files (like explorer does if you opt to) so it will be easier to use the "as menu" option for folders (after all who needs to "destop.ini" again and again...) and an option for sort (name/type/date ...). great launcher - I use it in my work. and don't be shy - it should be version 1 by now
  3. on winmatrix.com , just search the forums for "shell32.dll" ... or in short: use reshacker to hack it than use replacer to enjoy it
  4. [[bUMP]] removed april's security updates but to no avail (re-installed them), is there another way to safely update shell32.dll? I'd like to have folder icons that look mac and not chicken-yellow :( [[uPDATE]] well nevermind. a good tutorial at winmatrix showed me the light (I wonder, never got any help here....)
  5. tryed rebooting a few times, made sure the system files are checked to be update at starup if needed on the user settings.... what can be the problem ? xp pro sp2
  6. Hello all! After re-installing t-bird I noticed I don't have the nice extension that allows moving the search box and hiding the view box. I found it in the t-bird extension pages but it was the old version and I had a modified version to work with 1.5. anyone has it? thanx !!!!!!!
  7. Hello I'm using the pinestripe icons of Enhanced (find it here http://enhancedlabs.com/main/downloads.html ) However I need 2 xtra graphic mimes : TIF and TGA Can someone do it ? I know that enhanced is not planning to do anymore icons and I only use this and LHA objects of his, I'm a big fan of his work.... thank you. I would have done it myself if I knew how
  8. that's no good for a windows with 1000 icons...
  9. no way ! sad day to microsoft users.
  10. Hi there, I've staring at avedesk on my desktop for a while and then just had an idea.... is it possible to have a small app that will allow attaching the nice label - under the icons, where the text is - on all windows icons ?
  11. thanx, but if I knew how to bypass the WPS I would not need any help. I also wanna keep me own icons ... any other ideas ?
  12. Is there a patch for this? I don't know how to hack the system files...see the screenie...those ugly dots ?!
  13. After using stefanka's VS inspiratSE almost from day 1 , I found out his cerebro theme. The man rules! Now I wonder if someone knows how to make a theme for FF2....maybe even for TB 1.5 ?
  14. also you can d-l bricopacks that has it inside
  15. still in beta mode without movies but most is working ... www.n-trace.com
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