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  1. those using gdi++ or gdipp can try this one http://www.fonlan.cn/ It can even improved the fonts rendering in google chrome browser
  2. comodo dragon is worth trying its fast and secure! />http://www.comodo.com/home/internet-security/browser.php
  3. could you share the xwindows dock wallpaper!!!!! Its so beautiful!!!! Thanks!
  4. heavy usage in cpu occurs when anti virus scanner is performing silently, however, after virus scanning cpu usage is back to 0%
  5. i have recently downloaded the latest version of of xwindows dock, however, if i add stack from folder re: program files not all of my program files folders shows up.....any solution? please help!!
  6. nice program, however, after i installed the finderbar i cannot access my taskbar icons in the dock items...... please help me.........
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