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  1. Hi, I need help for hide the toolbar(file, edit, view...) in the explorer! Thanks. Example: http://mattahan.deviantart.com/art/Buuf-Ha...aganza-41934428
  2. Who vs is this? Capric0rn it´s amazing!
  3. It´s possible use a .msstyles of Windows XP in Vista? I need the [fear] Platinum VS in Vista!
  4. Simply, how add shadow to Vista Taskbar (Top). I try with YzShadow, but don´t worked, and I don´t want WindowFx. Thanks
  5. Oops, yes, i know too. damn it
  6. Hi all, i have a problem... how can edit a msstyles without stylebuilder, i see these text with somes msstyles "This file was not generated by StyleBuilder and may import poorly" Please, any soft o link for that? *Sorry for my english
  7. Hi, Someone have the Aqua IRC? Please, give me a link! Thanks
  8. Please, some manual o links or tutorial for that?
  9. Hi, someboby help me for change the left text highlight in the picture? Ex: "Diashow" for "Play" Thanks!
  10. And the link is here, for someone... http://mytheme.net/zboard/view.php?id=the_xp&no=2568
  11. Hi, what is the application for transparent windows backgrounds (explorer windows) in this screenshot. http://jet-stream.deviantart.com/art/STAY-GOLD-66804678 Thanks!
  12. Hi! Can someone help to find the great & old Longhorn Inspiriat VS V.1? Note: L. Inspiriat V1 Not L. Inspirat V2 Thanks! All the best.
  13. Hi, I need info about the dock & dock theme Thanks!
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