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  1. I totally agree with you. Plus, Windows has gotten really nice (I think so, anyways), so I don't wanna mess with it.
  2. I think it'll work if you boot up Vista and go under Disk management and format D:. However, I'm not sure how Windows 7 and Vista play together and which partition has the bootloader - deleting the boot partition can cause problems with loading an os.
  3. Extra stuff (I think): If you want to get something like that with a graphical interface, just run gksu firefox or whatever. You'll get a nice little window asking for your password, and then it'll run the program with root privileges. You'll run into this window if you go under System -> Administration and change an option. (Something like that)
  4. When in doubt, go with 32-bit. Now, Ubuntu has two different installation methods - The first is the LiveCD (which is the Desktop Edition, I believe) or the alternate installer. The Desktop Edition gives you a nice interface to install from. In fact, that interface is the entire OS. Basically, this gives you a chance to play around with Ubuntu before you commit to it without messing up your hard drive. Just pop the CD in, boot from it, and you get a fully functional (albeit slow) desktop right off the CD. It requires a bit of your RAM to do this, so it's not ideal for older systems. The other CD is the alternate installer. It's all text-based. Just think of Windows XP setup, where there's the blue background and all the text. Use this if you have an older system. May seem intimidating, but its easy to follow through. Now, judging from your post, you'd probably like to download Ubuntu, which uses the GNOME desktop environment. It's (I believe...) the most "complete" version of Ubuntu. Kubuntu uses KDE instead of GNOME, while Xubuntu uses XFCE. I'd recommend you using Xubuntu if you have an older system. As for Gobuntu, last time I heard about it, it was dead. For the apt-get command, most of the time you'll just need to know "sudo apt-get install ". Theres a few more I think you'd need (update, upgrade, dist-upgrade, purge, autoremove), but its pretty late here, and I'm too lazy to explain. Maybe someone else can explain it . If you're scared of using apt-get on the command line, theres always Synaptic Package Manager. It provides a nice GUI for installing/uninstalling packages. If you do need any Windows software on Ubuntu, take a look at WINE. It'll allow you to run some (but not all) Windows apps on Ubuntu. If you do run into problems with Ubuntu that aren't hardware related, a Google search should send you in the right direction. The useful stuff/My recommendation: Get the Desktop Edition of Ubuntu, 32-bit. If you're scared of editing your partitions and whatnot, install it using Wubi. Just load the CD in when you're on your Windows desktop, and install it using Wubi. This way, you get the easy install. Downside to this is that you need to keep Windows. Hope this helps.
  5. Thats why Lenovo includes draining holes on their keyboards. Not sure if a draining hole would have saved you though. xD Anyways, have a look at this thread. You've probably seen it if you did some Googling, but they seem to be giving more help than you're getting here right now, and also looks like there's some replacement info. http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=535788 HTH
  6. Hopefully some networking guru can help me. So lately, I've been playing around with server software stuff on Ubuntu to learn more about Linux and, to a certain extent, how the Internet works. I was finally able to set up a zone record (Is that the correct term?) for a domain. Now, I'm wondering what can I do so if the first server gets turned off, there will be another server able to handle the requests. And I'm not worrying too much about security at the moment, it's just an internal server. I'm using BIND9 on Ubuntu Server 8.10.
  7. I've got a SATA (?) drive (Whatever happens to be on a ThinkPad T61), and my hard drive was rated as 2.1. Anyways, I found a solution on the Lenovo forums - trying disabling write cache: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/259716 I don't know if it's actually safe to do this, but it fixed it.
  8. I just switched back to XP to do some work and realized how slow it was compared to 7...
  9. They stuck Mail in a separate package: http://download.live.com/
  10. It's not Apple's news, but it's news, isn't it? Download the Windows 7 Beta Here After pulling the beta Friday night, Microsoft's come back with it, while extending its availability from 2.5 million downloads to January 24th. This beta will work up to August. To get your product keys: 1. Logon toTechNet by clicking on "Sign in" in the upper right with your Live ID. 2. Click one of the links below get your product key. https://www.microsoft.com/betaexperience/sc...32-ww&LCID=1033 32-bit key https://www.microsoft.com/betaexperience/sc...64-ww&LCID=1033 64-bit key Anyone here installed it yet? I have, and I'm loving it a lot. Except for the few minor problems caused on my part.
  11. For all those with laptops, I've got a question for you guys. When do you charge your notebooks? (at 10%, etc.... and then charge up to 100%, etc). What would the ideal thresholds be to prolong the battery cell life?
  12. Windows -Cheaper -Better performance OS X -Easier right clicking? Linux -Less Terminal commands -Better/more driver support, if possible -Let me use Emerald without Compiz Fusion, if possible
  13. Wait, so the circle wheel thingie changes when you turn it to landscape? Awesome. xD I'm not a huge fan of the supposed curviness of it though.
  14. I just ordered a 15" T61. Although I'm a bit skeptical about the size of the laptop (but it is about the same size as a Macbook Pro), I think it's sexy as hell.
  15. There has to be something like Rimshot for Linux so I can preview my screenshots easily...
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