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  1. 2 alabanco: Hard to say, cause I left OSX skins and switch to Win 7 and use Chrome skin in FF. I did not use stylish so at the first - try to disable stylish plugin. If this error disapears, enable stylish and try disable some of styles in stylish. I remember, I had problems with Separator remover or something like that. Just try turn off style one by one and you will discover which one makes this problem
  2. I tried to instal them and had no succes. But I´ve got sollution... 1. Instal Mr. Tech toolkit extension https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/421 2. Restart FF 3.5 3. Instal skin GrApple for FF 3.0 from http://www.takebacktheweb.org/ and check ignore compatibility control 4. Restart FF 3.5 for second time, after restart FF 3.5 will work with 3.0 skin. You can use this feature for every extension which is incompatibile with 3.5 But I am missing one feature: Plus button behind last tab to open new tab. Any solutions how to add it?
  3. The best solution would be if you click on app icon in dock which has open two and more windows, it shows stack fan view with possibility to chose between those windows.. if you would to open new window of this app, just double click on dock icon. But I don't think, this can do just a docklet, in needs to create a new dock
  4. I am using version 6, but I will return to 5.5, cause 6 does'nt show Miranda icons.
  5. I'd like it too, cause there is no better dock than RK launcher. Or do you know another dock with showing all running process with possibility to exclude them?
  6. its not from apple, that dock doesn't have reflected icon and the top is windows taskbar, you can see windows network icon
  7. I know about this possibilities, I just want to have it in the dock, not separatly in another application
  8. Hi all, I want to ask for something Does exist a facebook docklet for dock, something like email notifier but with notification from facebook (new messages, new status comments etc.)? If not, can anybody do this?
  9. I thing, that would be better to join this application with WinExpose
  10. Congrats bro, everything works fine
  11. Focusin still doesn't start with windows. Application is running but doesnt draw blue boxes, I always must restart it manually.
  12. My Desktop - Win XP, Object Bar, Miranda IM with my skin, exploer with tabs and findexer, rk launcher, itunes with multiplugin
  13. That will be cool, its in windows 7 beta and it really works well my desktop http://img136.imageshack.us/my.php?image=macekas3.jpg
  14. Running apps are the only one thing, I missing so much and using RK launcher instead XWindows Dock or Rocket Dock. This function is so fundamental for me and I believe for other users too. Reflections are brilliant but i prefer running apps, so I stay by RK launcher. I dont use windows taskbar, i have object bar for perfect OSX look :-) Btw my desktop http://img136.imageshack.us/my.php?image=macekas3.jpg
  15. I have trying showdesktop and there was a huge bug which totally freezed my computer. I have listened my iTunes music and let computer be. After 5 minutes - screensaver, iTunes freezed and on the desktop reveals lot of errors windows without possibility to close them. A have must use hard reset
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