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  1. Yeah, I just downloaded it twice, using Chrome and Firefox. Great work Atreiu. I love being able to switch themes on the battery docklet.
  2. I agree. I prefer it the way it was in 5.4. I haven't really noticed any performance issues when using XWD or specifically, when scrolling through the Gallery and I'm running XWD on a single-core 1.73 GHZ with 1.5 GB RAM.
  3. I've noticed that my pictures in my stack (Gallery) don't load as quickly as they did in 5.4. When I scroll through slowly, the next pictures don't load until I stop scrolling. In 5.4, the next picture would load almost instantly as I would slowly scroll through. I didn't have to stop scrolling for the next picture(s) to load. Is anyone else experiencing this?
  4. I didn't have to redo any of my skins from 5.2.1. Mine all worked after I put them in the Skins folder in 5.2.2.
  5. Thanks for the update BOBAH. I have one question: Can you add a slider for the "Auto show dock, when mouse is over" setting? Right now, the dock shows instantly when I move my cursor anywhere near the dock area. Hopefully with a slider, we could set the dock to show after a mouse over of a few seconds. If not, it's not a dealbreaker for me, it's just one of those little things to make the dock that much better Thanks again for this great app!
  6. Seriously, I love this app! I really appreciate all of the updates. I have a question with the latest update. Is it my computer or does the zoom animation seem less smooth in the latest update? Can someone try scrolling from side to side on their dock in the previous 4.8 and the new 4.8? It just seems very "jumpy" in the newer version. Maybe it's just me. Thanks again for this app!!!
  7. I believe all you have to do is go to Control Panel and click on "User Accounts". Then click on "Change the way users log on or off". The next screen you have the option for "Use the Welcome screen" which I believe is what you want. Oh, I just saw that you've attempted to do this but the settings don't stay. My only guess would be that maybe your current account doesn't have administrative rights. Otherwise, it should work.
  8. This app just gets better and better. I would also love a slider for a delay on "auto show".
  9. The icons for "My Computer", "Control Panel", "Folder", and "Trash" are all packaged within each Dock skin. If you want to change the icons for any of these, you'd have to create a new skin with the icons that you want for each of these. If you look in the "Current" folder, all of those files and a Config.txt file are what make up a skin.smxd for the Dock.
  10. Wow, this is a great program. This latest version runs perfectly. However, do you think you could add an option for "Hotspot Activation"? EDIT: In the latest version, the Dock is always on top of other windows. In the previous version, the Dock would go behind the active window but there was no way to activate the Dock except by minimizing or resizing the current window. It would be great if the Dock would hide behind the current active window and we could activate the dock by moving the mouse to the Dock "Hotspot". I hope that made sense.
  11. What version of ObjectBar do you all have? I have version 1.65 and I have an option to make my bar transparent. Just right-click your bar and go to properties. Then click on the very first bar on the list on the left. On the right side you should see five tabs. Click on the 'Advanced' tab and you should see the transparency section. I've attached a screenshot.
  12. Yeah, mine started doing that a few days ago. All I had to do was put in my actual: city, state into the location field. For some reason it won't let me put in zip codes anymore.
  13. I also have an integrated Intel graphics card (same as matt06sg). I used to get that: "Error creating Direct3d Device" also. However, somewhere on this site someone mentioned a way to get it to work. It's called SwiftShader. Here's the link: http://www.transgaming.com/swiftshader_technology.php The minimize effect now works but it is pretty slow.
  14. No problem. The drawers idea sounds pretty good. One more thing that I've noticed, I don't know if it's intentional or not but the search function is case-sensitive. I think it'd be better if it wasn't case-sensitive, so that if somebody else was lookin' at my collection they wouldn't have to know exactly how a movie title was entered into my colleciton
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