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  1. The mighty mouse seems better, I've never really cared for wireless mouses... all the battery issues and such. Check Cnet for an unbiased review. I think they chose the wireless. So are you saying that you have the MacBook Pro?
  2. Are you working on the server again cuz I cant download them, and I really want to!
  3. Nah, i don't need it anymore. Let some1 else. I'm 2 busy...
  4. well, OB and Y'Z can do the same. I can see why you would choose them, it's just an opinion.
  5. WinRoll. right click rolls up, middle click makes semi transparent. It's perfect. http://www.palma.com.au/winroll/
  6. The other day, I was thinking about what the Mac OS would be like, say, around 10.8. One thing that struck me as awesome was the idea of combining the desktop, dashboard, and Expose' into one. Like this: say you have a Finder window and a Safari window open. When Safari is the active one, the Finder window shrinks and dims like it would in expose', and scoots to the side. And when you close a window, it has the same, into-the-x, animation as in Dashbord. Yah, just a dream. It'd be cool for a program on windows, mabey WinFX does it.
  7. Yogurt. DeLovely. SmoothMoves. I'm pouring my heart out here!
  8. Yah, RK can stay to the bottom left or whatever.
  9. this extention is just about the most awesome thing for firefox since, well, firefox! Seriously, you don't know how sweet it is till you try it!
  10. Skitlles, well, lacks pizzaz. The first word that comes to mind is Eleanor, don't know why. But a good name would be either 'Quary' or 'Chunk del Marble.' That's just me.
  11. sound wonderful, good salt-of-the-earth person. I need a site for my band.
  12. Hey, here is a split wallpaper, half mac, half vista. Note that it took me just over 3 min. so it's kinda crappy, the resolution ain't native. Here's the link: http://www.aqua-soft.org/board/showthread....2078#post372078
  13. Que simpatico. Buen trabajo, dude.
  14. right, i WANT it, but the links aint workin'
  15. -Firefox (rather obvious) -RKLauncher (again, duh) -skins, themes, docklets, and pluggins for both. I have other good ones, but those are just the best.
  16. hey, this might help, its a combined walpaper of the defaults: dsf.zip
  17. Right, Macs keep minimized windows and apps on one side and folders and shortcuts on the other. That why I use RK.
  18. Well I checked the link, it works, but the next one don't. The guy has moved his site.
  19. I think you mean an app that keeps windows from overlaping the dock. I HAD an app like that, however, it was wroght with bugs. I think it was called "Desktop resizer," or something to that effect. And by the way, I use RKLauncher. Oh, here it is: http://www.aqua-soft.org/board/showthread.php?t=27218
  20. I've had similar experiences. My Firefox won't go to RKLauncher, I don't know how to fix that, it's not on the exclusions. But to get it to startup when you log in, simply put a shortcut in the startup folder. Quite simple.
  21. Awe, sweet. Thanks, could've been my browser.
  22. Hey. I was looking for an app called "V Animate." It animates the buttons to pulse like OS X and puts the glowy blue box around text fields. When I found it, I tried to download it, but the developer typed *.ZI[ instead of *.ZIP. It'd be nice if someone found it.
  23. This dock is probably the most awesome thing to hit Aqua-Soft EVER! It's tons better that ObjectDock or MobyDock (I can't say about Y'z, because by the time it was banned before I heard about it). There are some bugs, but I bet they will be fixed.
  24. It'd be nice if the right click menu commands worked. And if it would limit it's size to the screen and automaticly shrink.
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