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  1. There was just a tornado in Collierville, but missed me. Not really too much rain... Oh well.
  2. Wow, thanks! I like that, but I think ill keep my avitar the way it is. The first three would be nice, that Dashboard is sweet. EDIT: sorry, thought it was one page!
  3. POOF! Make that infamous, it seems we have committed a crime against the taliban by having a Dexter avitar. He's worshiped there, you know. So now they blow us up. I wish my string of bad luck would end. (The accidently replying while someone else is. I shall now vow not to post in this thread if any other members are viewing it.)
  4. "I see," said the blind man to his deaf son as he picked up his hammer and saw.
  5. Woah! Destruction. I saw the ferrari too, one word: mangled. Good thing it ain't yours.
  6. POOF! You have a Ferrari, but taxes, gas prices, and speeding tickets are too expensive. I wish I had a Giiiiiant Television and that Zaft didn't hate me as much. Impossibility.
  7. Yeah. Be a good theme, better Icon set. If a theme, mabey for firefox, a place where you can handle grey. Macs everywhere!
  8. Sure. Along the lines of wonderful dinners, I had Taco Soup with Sweet Tea (Southern Sweet Tea) while watching the Andy Grithith Show and thinking How Dumb the Ones Without Barney Fife Are and How I Wish There Was Still Quality Teleivision.
  9. Mouse-of-an-avitar into ninety-nine
  10. INFORMATION OVERLOAD! Please, that's not random enough for my small mind! Wait, or is it? Double-stick tape!
  11. Too bad, I wish it was the Motorala E1. The ROKR. It has iTunes. And I have it, so thats another reason.
  12. Am I loved? Probably not. Nevertheless check this out! http://www.aqua-soft.org/board/showthread.php?t=33931 Big news.
  13. POOF! I don't, yet I still critisize you on your mediorce punctuation and your lack of foresight by wishing for somethig that bears no fruit besides the satisfaction of it's imposibility to mess up. On that same track, your mother still loves you. I wish my Nemisis drank Two-point-five gallons Antistatic Screen Cleaner.
  14. Woah! This is BIG news! Nativly? dang. This might let more people have Macs in their office by dual booting. And great news for Switchers, who will need to run their old, and sometimes necessary, apps. So it seems that they they are saying that it will run just as fast, not like with Virtual PC. Awesome, it sounds great.
  15. Photoshop has poisoned the world's creatures! Sweet, all we need is something done to a horse. I've never liked horses.
  16. POOF! There are badgers and mushrooms and no snakes but, due to the fact that the badgers are of mixed genders, they reproduce immensley and, without a natural predator, their population inreases toward infinity, thus, filling the earth with badgers and their, ahem, excreatments. I wish pencil shaveings were really legal tender.
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