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  1. Best New Year wishes... By mtasquared at 2010-01-15
  2. One issue only with 5.2 version: dock locked up, rapidly magnifying then shrinking like in a loop. Cursor and everything else worked okay. Had to restart the dock then it was fine. Still, awesome dock overall! thanks very much for this!! edit: happened twice now. running xp sp3. I think both times it happened after watching video. if no one else experienced this maybe its my pc ?
  3. Ah well, at least we know more about this program and it's requirements.
  4. What version are you using? You might want to uninstall and try the version of GDI++ linked to at http://avemuri.wordpress.com/2008/08/06/gd...font-rendering/ I got mine there and it is working in all apps
  5. Two programs for speeding up xp: eboostr This program is the equivalent of Vista's Readyboost but for XP. I have 1 gb of ram and a 4 gb Readyboost- ready USB thumbdrive which I use with this program. Shaves a few seconds off opening certain apps. Trialware. My Disk Is Spinning This program keeps your external hard drive spinning. Set it to poll the external harddrive every 4 minutes. I have two external hard drives hooked up to my computer and every time I opened explorer I had to wait for them to spin up which took 5 seconds. Now explorer opens instantly. Freeware.
  6. - in my experience all the skinning apps you mention work in sp3. don't know about patching uxtheme though. - some people have had problems. like people using HP machines with AMD processors (endless reboots after installing). my own machine works very smoothly after install (AMD Athlon 64 processor, self-built). - pros: on productivity apps there is about a 6% gain in performance, solid. you get some Vista features for free (network access protection, keyless licensing). you get all the security updates to the date of release in one shot. - cons: on games framerates can go down or up
  7. If you’re stuck using XP, suspect you have infections, and don’t want to reformat, and have plenty of time, the following tools kick ***. OSAM (http://www.online-solutions.ru/en/osam_autorun_manager.php) This tool will detect and fix Trojan and root kit startup entries that your standard antivirus and Hijack This do not. (tip for use: Run the scan, UNcheck entries you want to fix then press apply). Freeware. Ice Sword (http://antirootkit.com/software/IceSword.htm) One of the most powerful tools available to detect and remove rootkits, but for ‘advanced’ users (people who have time to Goog
  8. I wish I could sync notes and tasks in Outlook with the *(&% iPhone @ KAWSquared - nice nickname, lol
  9. Epocrates Rx BMI OB Wheel MIM Evernote myTo-Dos ZIPcodes VoiceNotes Here I Am Where
  10. How about trying Transbar get it here: http://www.home.no/aksoftware/
  11. you are right. once u delete the thumbs.db file and the new thumbnail is cached, it will remain modded (from my own experience).
  12. @ Link - hope it works!! @ BapeStar - u can find Plasma for windows (plus a bunch of others) here: http://www.reallyslick.com/ these kind of hypotized me when i first saw them, lol
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