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  1. Hi! I've found a bug in latest version in item 'Run' - on text typing it crashes RM with lots of errors.
  2. Hello, my friend! Did you get my message from work e-mail about hiding RM? I'm on vacation, so I cant check my work mail. Is there any progress in fixing this trouble?
  3. Thanks, KSoft! I'll try new version tomorrow.
  4. Yeap, Is it possible to make slide speed more flexible(even max speed sometime not enough)? On my home PC sliding is very fast, i think because of my new fast hardware. On my work PC sliding sometimes works smooth, but very slow. I would prefer even option of showing 1st level items without any animation, like it's works for 2nd and 3rd levels if I disable animation in options. Is it possible to realize?
  5. Thanks for fast fixing! Now it work good!
  6. Hi! It's me again with bugs, of course =) Now it's 1 bug - RM slides in if I click on left part of screen, under the tab. I think if tab is showing, RM should slide in only if I click on Tab. Can you fix this bug?
  7. Thanks a lot! It's seems, that slide in is fixed and looks like, that hiding after win+D is fixed too. Great work!
  8. Please fix the bug, when RM shows on click on any point on left side of screen. It's very annoying.
  9. I think it would be great to make macros item,which launches several programs one by one. For example I need to start every day Opera, Miranda, uTorrent, StringDC++ after windows load. And another bonus feature could be some simple operations, like copy file, move and so on. So some usual operations will be much easier to make with new RM macros features
  10. oops, found other bugs. On windows start RM button displaing on taskbar, like jlix posted. on manual RM restart it disappears. and on pressing Win+D, sometimes RM dissappears too. If i click on place, there it seems to be, RM shows. but in older version i don't remember such behavior.
  11. No =) I've bought new hardware and reinstalled OS, so many programs are missing. That's why I found this bug, with icons. Thanks for new version, this 2 bugs were fixed! Nice job, my friend!
  12. Yeap, it seems that sliding is fixed, thanks! But default icons still are not displaing(see attachment pic). I can't say that it's a big bug, but it will be better without it )) And, please, delete this little "peep" on slide-out )) I think it necessary only for testing =)
  13. Yes, I cant work on PC without RunMe, it's irreplaceable soft, like PuntoSwitcher and some other )) Even if it contains several bugs. About 1st bug, try to restore icon, it's clears icon even for new item. As I remember this button should display this "?" icon by default.
  14. Hello, my friend! I've installed last version, but there are several bugs or something like that. 1 - items with broken links displaing with no icon, instead of round icon with sign "?". 2 - it's almost unreal to use context menu, if mouse isn't on any item. RunMe slides out(it's bug, a think, of "slide out only on mouse leaving" option) 3 - games often mimizing then mouse finds runme. maybe it worth to do some application filter? if some app is launched, runme don't tries to stay on top of it I've tries to explain it as clearly as possible, any way you can ask me directly, if you want. As for the rest RunMe rules, keep a great work! Waiting for new versions =))
  15. I think Slide in/Slide out speed is too slow in new version. I've set it on max, but it looks like nothing changed... Is there any bug in new sliding system or I couldn't set right options?
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