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  1. All it's done. Approved on all skins. Thanks. And whence covers undertake? It is possible to change any way a source (the Internet or the computer)? [ru] Теперь все в порядке. Спасибо за оперативность. А откуда берутся обложки? Можно произвольно менять источник (интернет или компьютер)?
  2. A little problem. If during switched on record to enter into options and to change a cover the button "record" will be not active (button is not coloured in red colour). As though record is not conducted. Not so conveniently - I even would tell, frightens of time, that like have passed record. [ru] Небольшая проблемка (думаю, была и ранее, но только сейчас обратил внимание). Если во время включенной записи войти в настройки и изменить обложку, то кнопка "запись" будет не активна (не окрашена в красный цвет). Как будто запись не ведется. Не очень удобно - я бы даже сказал, пугает порой, что вр
  3. Will you make it for win-users?
  4. Make less steps of change of loudness. And that pair turns of a wheel of the mouse and all - or shouts in all or silence death. Yes, in occasion of management of loudness - you can make, that the system level, namely intraprogram changed not? Сделай меньше ступени изменения громкости. А то пара поворотов колеса мыши и все - либо орет во всю либо тишина гробовая. Да, по поводу управления громкостью - можешь сделать, чтобы изменялся не системный уровень, а именно внутрипрограммный? Как в скримрадио.
  5. Perfectly, the project develops, but those tablets that you have found to me have not sufficed And it is serious, here such bug (see below): Plus goes a delay of action by pressing buttons - change of the image of the button/bookmark. I suggest to add following options: search of stations bitrate and to a format of translation (plus sorting of results of search); it would be advisable to add function of preservation of results of search in a text file, and not just addition in a favorite. Change of loudness goes not under the end of the index of a mouse, and below on three divisions. It i
  6. Greetings! The new project is well. While it is a little игпы (astable), but the eyecandy. Wishes such - to increase functionality: an opportunity of record in various formats without dependence from a format of translation; sorting in a window of search of stations by name, bitrate, to a format of translation (which while I hope, it is not displayed); an opportunity independently to add links (an address line + add); function of search of radio-links to a web-page (the built in means wmp without the obvious link); to add an anchor that the window was precisely fixed near edges of the screen;
  7. Just make better than it and i'll be using your programm.
  8. My dear friend, in your new release it is inactive tab a choice of languages and the folder with language files is absent as a class. It was necessary to copy from the previous versions and to make changes in config.ini But thus there are not translated new elements. I hope, it will be correct. Very valuably, that the program develops and extends in the form of archive, instead of installator. It very much is pleasant to me. Thanks. Success also we wait for new releases. PS And icons you have in vain thrown drawing. At you it is devilishly class it turns out. Друх мой, в вашем новом релизе не
  9. Simple - Da Best! I'll be waiting end of work with impatience! Good luck
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