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  1. Does anyone have this icon: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/268258...me+-in%3Ascraps in PNG format? Or at least know how to extract it from a .icns file? Also, the icon with just the headphones would be nice, too.
  2. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat?? I'm pretty sure icons aren't embedded in application files. Try /usr/pixmaps.
  3. I second Stevie1's post - release the source code!
  4. I was just wondering, because I used 1.3 and 2.0b for a while and I'd like to try out 2.0 some time if it ever comes out. So... is it?
  5. Wow, this is pretty great. A couple of things I'd like to see: a) Sublabels like in avedesk for mounted drives, when they're added. b)At the moment, I think the right click menu could use some work. I say the default right click menu should show up when a shortcut in the bar is right clicked, with "edit" and "remove findeXer item" at the bottom. Then when you right click on a blank space on the bar there would be options like adding a separator, bringing up the preferences window, and closing the bar. c)Having custom empty and full icons for the recycle bin.
  6. One thing that would be cool is if you could drag deskets from the control panel straight to showcase by grabbing and dragging the preview, pressing the showcase hotkey, and dropping it straight onto showcase. Right now when I press the showcase hotkey while dragging a desklet the desklet isn't still "grabbed". I didn't explain that very well but someone should know what I mean.
  7. Yeah, I figured out what it was. It wasn't working because my defaukt browser got switched to MSN for some reason.
  8. I like it as long as there's an option to change the background.
  9. Yes, I know this is a stupid question but I did a search and all that jazz and came up with nothing. So anyway... what does the "link" button do on the RSS Feed desklet? It seems to just do the same thing as the "hide" button, but that doesn't seem right. So... help?
  10. But it doesn't say what the format is for percentage of space used, etc.
  11. Yeah, the sublabels seem to be have been messed up with 2.0. The percentage of space taken up and total space used on my hard drive sublabel weren't working.
  12. I also find it kind of annoying that all my avetunes skins are mixed up with all my other desklets. An "exclude from dock" list or something would be a good idea maybe.
  13. Wow, you completely missed what I was saying. Not an actual onscreen remote, just that keys on the keyboard would do the same things as buttons on the remote - making it more like the real frontfrow.
  14. It's track number-title so they show up in the right order in alphabetical order. Quit whining. :|
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